Then Why Take The Job?

A Florida Councilman refuses to take the oath of office because he would have to swear to support the US government and he says he can not do that because he opposes the war. Basil Dalack, a 76 year old man who won an uncontested election says that the war in Iraq is unjust and he can not support it. Be careful, he is a Korean War Veteran and you know how liberals get when you attack a veteran who opposes the war. You may only attack veterans who support the war!

I have no problem if this guy does not want to take the oath. He can not have the job. You see, in life there are consequences to actions. This guy ran for an office and in order to hold the office he needs to take the oath of office. If he refuses then I guess he really did not want the job that badly.

The part he opposes is “support, protect and defend” the government. I think it is ignorant on his part. It does not say support all the decisions of the government, just that he will support the government. It means that he will not go against the laws, cause insurrection or attempt a coup. Everyone is allowed to disagree with the government. It does not mean you are correct but you have that right.

I think this guy is more interested in making his anti-war stance an issue. It is not about reciting the oath as much as it is about bringing attention to himself. He is trying a Cindy Sheehan, who as we know by now, did not protest because her son died. It appears that it was only about him for a brief time and now it is all about her and her hatred for country and the current administration. Councilman elect Dalack is much the same. it was briefly about office when he ran, now that he has won it is about his anti-war stance.

Here is my advice. He can recite the oath and take office where he will be free to espouse his views or he can refuse to take the oath, be denied office yet still be free to espouse his anti-war views. Seems to me the guy just wants a bigger soapbox…

Source: Reuters

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3 Responses to “Then Why Take The Job?”

  1. Robert says:

    Florida? Are we sure even won the election? You know they don’t count very well down there. A councilman is not a big deal around here, all they do is have meetings and do nothing anyway. screw him and his ideology.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Has Florida stopped counting the 2000 vote yet?

  3. chrys says:

    Un-contested – ah ha – now we know what happened! Yep – why did he even bother?