Then What Are the Solutions, Mr. Obama?

Barack Obama has been involved in a little feud with Queen Hillary over comments made by one of Obama’s supporters. It was probably more stinging to Hillary because the supporter used to be a big fan and supporter of the Clintons. In an interview Obama said that they needed to end the tit-for-tat that is so pervasive in American politics. He also said this:

“Our country is at a crossroads right now,” he said, citing problems in Iraq and domestically with education, energy and health care. “It’s not as if we don’t know what the solutions are. What’s missing is the inability of our leadership to develop consensus.” [emphasis mine] Breitbart

I wish Obama and the rest of the Democrats would actually tell us what these solutions are. For longer than Obama has been alive, politicians have been promising to fix the problems that he spells out. Come every election season they come out from under their rocks and describe problems with all sorts of things and use fear to intimidate voters. The elderly are afraid they will be eating cat food if they do not march lock-step with the Democrats to ensure their meager Social Security benefits are maintained at the expense of the wealth that younger workers could make by investing their OWN money.

The politicians always have the solution. It is usually more taxes and more spending but the end result is always the same. They throw money at problems and never really solve those problems. We have spent enough money in the war on poverty so that every American should be able to live like their elected representatives and yet, we continue to have poor people. If Obama and everyone else knows the solutions to the problems it would be about time for them to enumerate them so we can fix things.

My suspicion is that the solutions are much like the plans John Kerry had for the war in Iraq. Often mentioned in subject, never explained in substance. I believe we have figured out that throwing good money after bad is not the answer so please Mr. Obama, if you have the solutions, let the rest of us in on them.

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