Then Follow The Law Democrats

They keep screaming that Obamacare is the law. It is the law and we must follow it and it will proceed and you mean old Republicans need to stop.

I have already discussed how laws get changed all the time and that if we never changed laws Barack Obama would be picking cotton in the south. How if we kept laws in place there would be different schools based on the color of skin and people would eat at different lunch counters and drink from different fountains.

We changed the laws because they were wrong and they discriminated. It was good that we changed them.

But for some reason Obamacare is a law that cannot be changed. The messiah Barackus Obamus the one and only Hussein has given you a law and you must follow it.

Well let’s look at this because as recently as yesterday both Obama and Harry Reid said that this was the law and it was ruled Constitutional so people needed to get over it and follow it.

Well then let’s follow it and I mean follow all of it.

You see, since Obamacare was passed through brute force and without one Republican vote Barack Hussein Obama has changed that law. He has granted over 1000 waivers, he has exempted some labor unions and he has delayed nearly half of the provisions with the most recent being the employer mandate.

If you want to follow the damned law then follow it. You morons can’t scream that it is the law and needs to be followed if you are not following it. If you can change it then it can be changed so quit screaming about the Republican efforts and either get on board or follow it the way it was written.

By the way, that also means removing the carve out for Congress.

When the law was written there was a provision that required members of Congress and their staff to be in the exchanges without subsidies. They did not like this so Obama once again changed the law to provide taxpayer subsidies to members of Congress and their staff. The subsidies are about 72% of the cost of their health insurance.

I am sorry folks but if we are being told that this is the law and we need to follow it then we need to do just that. This means that Congress does not get subsidies and must follow the original law.

Republicans in the House tried to ensure this by adding a provision that removed the subsidies and forced Congress back into the original provisions of the law. Harry Reid and his Democrats rejected that.

To be clear, Harry Reid and his Democrats voted to keep a change to the law, a law that they say can’t be changed.

To add insult to injury Harry Reid said that the provision by the Republicans (TO FOLLOW THE LAW AS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN) was an attempt to punish 16,000 Congressional staffers.

You get that? Requiring Congress and its staff to follow the law as written is PUNISHMENT.

So now we have to explore this a bit further. If following the law as written is punishment and Harry Reid wants US to follow the law as written then isn’t Harry Reid attempting to PUNISH us?

The federal government is shutting down because the Democrats are inflexible when it comes to provisions that affect the people who make this country work. Only those who are in the favor of the King get special treatment. Only those in Congress get special treatment.

The rest of us get punished.

Democrats shut down the federal government because they would rather punish people than govern.

They made sure they were taken care of while everyone else gets screwed.

It seems to me they should be happy some laws get changed or we would still allow duels…

The Hill

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Then Follow The Law Democrats”

  1. Blake says:

    If there was justice, every Congressman, Senator, and especially President would have to have a person by their side who would haul off and slap the snot out of them, just to keep their egos in check.