History’s Lesson Of Evil

I had to go to a local Wal Mart today and while I was there I saw a wall that had pictures of service members on it. These were people who had served in Iraq, were currently in Iraq, and some of people who served in earlier conflicts. I was very proud to see one of my former soldiers SGT John S on that wall. He is deployed with my old Medevac unit.

I also saw a picture of a Private, Jason W. He is currently serving in Iraq and he wrote under his name:

Evil men only succeed when good men do nothing to stop them.

I know this is not his quote, it is attributed to Edmund Burke, from long ago. However, it strikes me that the words that meant so much a lifetime ago still ring true today. The only reason that evil has been allowed to succeed in this world is because good men have sat back and allowed it to happen.

Hitler gained his strength because of appeasement from Chamberlain and the British who wanted a good working relationship with the Germans. Look at where that went. The bad guys in Japan, Italy, and Russia all became stronger because they were left alone. Not until Japan attacked us, did they experience what good and moral people can do against overwhelming odds.

Now we face a new kind of evil. This evil is known as terrorism. bin Laden, Hussein, and the rest of the despots in the world became stronger because they were left to their evil ways. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and their liberal supporters always took the path of appeasement. On rare occasions, Clinton would launch a missile in the direction of danger. This ineffectual approach emboldened the evil people in the world and they eventually reached out and touched us. We are engaged in a war against evil. The left, or the appeasement party, thinks the whole thing was a bad idea and we should have just left Hussein alone. History tells us that when we leave an evil despot alone, he eventually bites us in the behind.

We have seen what leaving Iran and North Korea alone has gotten us. The left would have you believe that it is Bush’s fault that these rogue nations have nuclear programs and probably nuclear weapons. The fact is, they were left to their own devices by the previous democratic administrations. Carter and Clinton both played the appeasement game with North Korea and now we have that threat to deal with.

Thank goodness we have soldiers like Jason W. who know, despite what the left and the MSM tell us, we are winning the war and we are the good guys taking on nothing but pure evil.

The last names and military units of these deployed soldiers were deliberately withheld to protect them and their families.

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