The Winner is…Algore

The Academy Awards occur this weekend and Al Gore is up for an award for his fictional piece “An Inconvenient Truth.” That is fine and Hollywood is free to honor whomever they want. The thing is, many people are saying that Gore’s recent nomination for a Nobel coupled with an Oscar might make his stock go way up and propel him into the race for the White House. I think Gore will sit back and wait for Hussein Obama to burn our or get beaten up by Hillary Clinton. Then, Gore can appear from the wings fresh and with new liberal credentials. Couple all this with the fact that there are many retards who actually still believe that Gore won in 2000, and he might just be a viable candidate:

“I think there are still an awful lot of Democrats who rightly believe Gore won in 2000,” said Roger Salazar, a Democratic strategist and former Gore spokesman. “With this movie and the Oscar nomination, people are taking another look at him and feel more warmly about him than they have in some time.” Breitbart

Only in the world of liberal lunacy can a person lose the initial vote, lose every recount and lose every count that has occurred since and still be considered the winner. While many say that Bush used the court to win it was Al Gore who filed the first suit. Now Al is trying to get the Academy to break rules for him. He is on another crusade to get things his way. Seems that Gore is not listed as a director for the movie so he can not go up on stage and he can not speak. The Academy, in an effort to keep groups from going to stage, has set limits. Unfortunately for Gore, he is not allowed to go up on stage. However, given how the left has fallen in love with this guy I am sure they will make a concession and allow him to speak. Of course, this is all moot if he does not win (though he is the odds on favorite). Wouldn’t that be funny? Gore does not win this one either even when he is again the odds on favorite. He might commit suicide!

Nah, he would just find a court to file a suit. After all, he is Al Gore and he is entitled…He will also have another group of retards (from Hollywood this time) believing (and “Rightly so”) that he won.

BTW, look for the Limos and other means of transit at the Award Program. I wonder how green they are being? It does not matter, those rules only apply to we rubes.

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