The Wild Wild West Revisited

Back in the day, the term my kids use to indicate a few years ago but which I use to indicate a long time ago, the town sheriff was the law enforcement officer. When things got out of hand the sheriff put a posse together and hunted down the criminals. In Maricopa County Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has put together a posse to hunt down ILLEGALS who are entering on their own or being smuggled in. Arpaio is the sheriff who houses criminals in tents in the desert, makes them wear pink underwear, use pink bed linen, and feeds them on 60 cents a day.

I heard him on Rush’s show today and he sounds like a tough lawman. He is a no nonsense officer of the law who takes his job seriously. He does not treat criminals as if their self esteem is some issue and he does not care if they were abused as children or drug addicts. He makes them pay for their crimes the way the legal system is supposed to. He is a real man who fits the mold of Wyatt Earp or the tough sheriffs one sees on the old westerns. Arpaio is taking the same stance against ILLEGALS and he is having some success. Under the law in Arizona the ILLEGALS can be arrested for smuggling themselves in or as conspirators if they pay someone to smuggle them. The law there makes the acts felonies.

Sheriff Arpaio locks up the ILLEGALS and they are charged with a felony. They must stand trial in his county. As he put it on the radio today, “they will not be getting free rides home in air conditioned buses.” Arpaio does what law officers are paid to do and that is to use whatever legal means are available to stop crime:

On Wednesday night, Arpaio’s posse fanned out across the desert, looking for illegal immigrants being smuggled on state highways and local roadways. In the past six weeks, Arpaio’s operation has jailed 146 undocumented immigrants, including 12 smugglers.

Perhaps we need him as the Nation’s top cop so that we can finally be tough on crime. Whatever happens, ILLEGALS will soon get the word out to avoid the territory under the control of sheriff Arpaio. I would not be surprised to see the ILLEGALS put a price on his head.

We need more tough cops like this man.

Source: azcentral

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