The Votes Are In

Well folks, the first ever democratic poll conducted here at the Dog’s house for Jackass of the Month has concluded. The results are as follows:

  • Scott Ritter 3 votes (14%)
  • John Kerry 4 votes (19%)
  • George Bush 5 votes (24%)

And the winner with 9 votes (43%) is Chuck Schumer the liberal Senator from New York (or should I say one of the liberal Senators?). Schumer deserves this award though I was personally pulling for Scott Ritter, the American traitor. For the lib readers, you had your chance to vote for Bush. I guess you could just not force yourselves to vote for Bush for any reason!

So Chuck Schumer. Well, he is one of the liberals in the Senate who likes to use obstructionism to push forward the minority democratic agenda. He has a web site that lacks truthful information. most prominently displayed is a calculator for social security benefits. This calculator is supposed to show you how much money you will lose under a private accounts system. Of course, only Schumer and the rest of the donks want you to believe this. They have their own private accounts and stand to get more in social security than many workers actually earn while working. Nonetheless, this calculator is based upon information from the GSA using a plan and numbers that are not realistic and it was devised by a liberal organization.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a member who came up with the calculations. This is according to Schumer’s site where he thanks the person. Despite the assertions of people like Adam, this organization is a liberal think tank. It is rated in the higher end of liberal organizations with ratings that rival Ted Kennedy and John Kerry for liberal agenda. This is from the December 13, 2004 issue of the Weekly Standard article entitled: Yes, the media are overwhelmingly liberal.

The next step in the research is to measure the tendency of Senate and House members in their speeches to cite 200 prominent think tanks. Citations considered were limited to those that referred favorably to a view or fact reported by a think tank. For example, the Heritage Foundation was cited favorably by legislators whose average ADA rating was 20, substantially conservative. Also highly conservative were Americans for Tax Reform (19), the Family Research Council (20), the National Right to Life Committee (22), and the Christian Coalition (23). Liberal think tanks included the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (88), Citizens for Tax Justice (88), the Consumer Federation of America (82), the Economic Policy Institute (80), the National Organization for Women (79), and the NAACP (75). (emphasis added by author)

Chuck Schumer is using a calculator from a liberal organization to show that privatized accounts are not good and will result in lower benefits. He is lying to the American public so that he and his donk cronies can maintain a strong hold on the retirement of Americans. The government can get 1-2% return. Most private accounts are much better than that and the market average has not been at 1-2% in a very long time. The Thrift Savings Accounts that government employees (including Schumer) have are earning well above the rate the government gets. Why does Schumer lie to keep the rest of America from realizing the dream?

Couple this blatant lie with the anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-American sentiment that spews from Schumer on a regular basis. He has been one of the obstructionists keeping judges off the bench and is an opponent of John Roberts for the SCOTUS. Schumer tells the American people one thing and then does another and he constantly lies. He is a Harvard bred elitist who thinks he knows what is best for the little people. It is easy to see why the people selected him to be the JOTM and the Dog will have fun doing his bidniz on Schumer for the next month.

If you go here you can see Schumer’s liberal record where he constantly votes no to things good for Americans and yest to everything that helps criminals or allows abortions. You can also see where Chuckie voted yes to military operations in Kosovo and Iraq. Of course he now bashes the President for the war that he himself voted in favor of.

UPDATE: As Surfside said, email one of us with your candidates for the September poll. I will post the poll by the 10th.

UPDATE 2: Rumor has it that John Kerry has filed a petition to have a recount because he can not believe “that idiot” beat him again.

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