The UN Wants A Piece Of Your Money, In The Form Of Taxes

It is bad enough that citizens of this country are subjected to extortion every time they receive a paycheck. The government, through its strong arm agency the IRS, takes money from us regularly. This government protection racket involves heavy handed penalties for those who decide no to pony up the money that is demanded from them by those in the extortion business, the US Congress. Imagine though, your money being taken from you by the most inept organization in the world (and you thought it was Congress)? In a recent article at, Sally McNamara points out how the United Nations, easily the worst run and most corrupt organization around, is attempting to get in your “wallet.”

McNamara points out that the UN wants to remove the “exclusive sovereign power of nation states to levy taxes on its citizenry” with schemes such as forming an International Taxing Organization and then levying taxes on currency transactions and a carbon tax. McNamara points out, and it should surprise no one, this will hit the United States much harder than any other country. Several countries have agreed to a universally applied international tax on air transport travel and France will apply this starting in July. While this might appeal to the greenies who believe we should pay more for our polluting ways, it is nothing more than a seemingly innocuous tax that will most certainly trickle down to your paycheck.

Like any organization that wants your money, the UN will start with a broad based plan and then once it has its foot in the door it will begin to whittle away until it gets a piece of what you earn. This is another camel’s nose under the tent scenario. Once the camel has its nose under, it is too late to keep him out. Broad based taxes that seem like a good idea are the way to go if you eventually want to hone in on individuals. As McNamara rightly points out, if they went for your paycheck right off, there would be rioting in the streets. The slow, methodical approach will allow them to sneak up on us and strike when we least expect it.

I am not in favor of global taxes. Hell, I am not in favor of the taxes that are extorted from me by my own government but at least I have a say in that government (in theory, but doubtfully in practice). We have no say in how the UN is run. We do not vote for its leaders and we do not get a say in the issues that they address. In addition, why would we trust an organization that can not police itself or wisely use the money our country already gives it, to do any better with money it takes directly from us as individuals, either as air travelers or as workers. The UN uses money that it gets from member nations, the lion’s share coming from the US, to make its leaders rich and to get involved in scams such as the oil-for-food fiasco. They deploy their workers to help in regions only to see the regions subjected to rapes and other crimes by the very people who were supposed to be helping.

The idea that an organization can tax citizens of all countries is appalling and should not be tolerated. This country fought for its independence partly over taxes. Our rulers forget that every time they increase taxes or foolishly spend the money they extort from us. If they allow an organization like the UN to start taking our money it will be time for a new revolution. We formed this country under arms and we can reform it the same way.

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One Response to “The UN Wants A Piece Of Your Money, In The Form Of Taxes”

  1. Bosun says:

    Big Dog,

    UN getting taxes is only the beginning. They are also trying to legislate the internet and many other areas. Every time I hear about the UN, it is scandalous, mismanagement, encroaching on sovereignty.

    They screwed the pooch (sorry for being so graphic, I am not picking on canines) with Darfur, Iraq oil for food scandal, Palestinians, looks like Iran too. They give homicide bombers a pass and go after the victims themselves. Their blue helmeted perverts raping women and children, and commit other atrocities. The original idea of the UN was a good idea. Somehow, through manipulation and mismanagement by leftists, it has been subverted into the level on incompetence that boggles my mind. Best thing for the UN do is disband.