The Two Minute Drill

A quick look around.

Obama can’t get over British Treatment of grandfather

When Kenya was under British rule the Brits evidently treated Obama’s granddaddy rather rudely. To return the favor Obama has treated the British PM the same way. Obama snubbed PM Brown by cancelling a press conference and then by having a half-hearted meeting. Brown gave The Evil Won some very nice, thoughtful gifts. Obama gave the PM a gift box of DVDs. They were American movie classics. As if Brown could not get them from about any source.

The Klingon First Lady saw her two daughters get nice clothing from the PM’s wife. She gave the Brown’s boys helicopter models of Marine One. Is there any doubt that the Obama’s hit the White House gift shop for these gifts?

It is one thing to hold a grudge. It is quite another to treat an ally badly while representing the country. I hope the Brits realize that the Obama’s attitudes do not reflect the attitudes of the entire nation.

Couple faces life in prison for tax evasion and police standoff

The Browns (not the visiting Brits) refused to pay taxes stating that they were unconstitutional. They then had a long standoff with police because they refused to surrender. They are now in jail and face life in prison:

The Browns virtually face life sentences if they are convicted of all of the charges against them. Ed Brown, 66, and Elaine Brown, 68, are serving 63-month sentences for tax-related crimes. One of the new charges – of possessing destructive devices – carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years in prison, on top of any penalties from the other charges. Concord Monitor

Meanwhile, Timothy Geithner heads the US Treasury even though he deliberately did not pay his taxes. Charlie Rangel and Tom Daschle are also not in jail though they, like others who Obama wanted to serve him, did not pay their taxes. What a country.

More on small businesses

There are many who think that the tax increases on those who make over $250,000 will not affect small businesses to any large degree. Time will tell but the Gateway Pundit has some interesting information on the issue.

Most people who have no problems with increasing taxes on the evil rich are those who think others should pay their way or the way of others. These are the folks who think it is OK for those of us who pay our mortgages on time to also pay for the homes of people who could never afford what they bought. There is something wrong with the psyche of a person who thinks it is OK to take the money that one person has earned and give it to others.

There are 5 computers in my house. Should I be forced to give a few of them to people who have no computers? We have two cars and there are people who have none. Maybe we should have to give them one of ours.

Where does it stop? How is it fair? Why should one part of society be compelled to provide for another part?

Why did we let liberals create a dependent class of people?

Will California Judges legislate from the bench, again?

Californians passed a law a few years back banning same sex marriage. The court struck it down because, they claim, it went against California’s Constitution. So, the voters went to the polls to vote on Proposition 8 which amended the Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Now there is another lawsuit and the court will decide if the change to the Constitution was legal, at least according to their rules. The state and its voters did it correctly but the outcome was not what a special aggrieved unit of victims wanted so off to court it goes.

Regardless of how one falls on this issue, the people of California expressed their will and they did it within the framework of their laws.

No court should undo that. Just because we don’t like the outcome does not mean it was illegal. Yahoo News

Joe the Plumber sues Ohio

Joe the Plumber is suing three Ohio officials for invasion of privacy after they went through his records illegally. Joe caught Obama exposing his radical Socialist agenda and that set off a firestorm of invasion of privacy and cover up.

The media went after Joe instead of the law breakers when this happened. If it had been some liberal who was wiretapped talking to Osama bin Laden the ACLU and every other victim enabling group would be having conniptions over the privacy issue.

Not so much with Joe. He exposed the Emperor as having no clothes.

The media also went after Joe because he owed back taxes. They treated him more harshly than all the tax cheats Obama has on the government dole.

I hope he gets a gazillion dollars.

Joe, if you do make sure you pay your taxes. Otherwise you might be selected to be in the Obama administration. AP

That is all for now. Feel free to comment or trackback.

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “The Two Minute Drill”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

  2. Adam says:

    The couple were charged earlier this year for their conduct during a nearly nine-month standoff at their fortified Plainfield home. The Browns evaded arrest while entertaining guests, threatening law enforcement officers, and stockpiling weapons and homemade bombs, prosecutors say, and were ultimately arrested in October 2007 by an undercover team of U.S. marshals posing as supporters.

    Yes, that’s just like Timothy Geithner in every way….

    You have no concept of the difference between not paying taxes and having a standoff with the federal government.

    This is just like saying liberals are hypocrites for accepting Obama’s drug use as a youth and not Limbaugh’s drug addiction as an adult who was very judgmental of drug addicts. Get real.

    Small busineses? First of all Glenn Beck is a complete moron. Second, the article you post claims 14% of small businesses FEAR they will fail because of Democratic policies. What do they base this fear on? Well, it doesn’t say…because it’s bullcrap. I saw once where maybe as many as a 3rd of Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job. If you want to cite a belief then you better post some data to pack it up and so far you have no data.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Excuse me Adam, the story discusses the reason for the standoff which was the 5 YEAR jail sentences they got for not paying their taxes. All the things you describe come after they received the 5 YEAR sentence and when police were to pick them up to serve it.

    Now, that is every way like Geithner. The difference is, the Brown’s were tried and convicted for not paying taxes and then sentenced to 5 years in jail. Geithner was allowed to pay back taxes with no interest or penalties and everyone ignored that he did it on purpose. Then he got a high paying job in the administration.

    You have no data either other than the math you did with numbers that are not representative of the entire picture and you have the words let’s assume in the calculations.

    Once again, wait and see.

    Why is it not hypocritical for you to criticize Limbaugh for getting hooked on Rx drugs that were legally prescribed and which happens to million of people but to dismiss the purposeful use of illegal drugs.

    Limbaugh did not intend to abuse the drugs and get hooked on them. They were prescribed for medical problem and he became hooked.

    Obama was not prescribed the drugs he took.

    The only hypocrisy is from those, like you, who criticize Bush for possible drug use as a youth but dismiss it in Clinton and Obama. The ones who said that military service did not matter when Clinton dodged the draft but criticized Bush for the way he attended drill.

    The hypocrisy is in those who attack Limbaugh for this but say we need to respect the Kennedy’s [or fill in any drug or etoh abusing lib] privacy and pray they get better.

    A third of Americans think 9/11 was an inside job. 54% though Obama could lead. It is easy to fool people in mass. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups, especially on election day.

  4. Adam says:

    I don’t condone Geithner ignoring his $35,000 tax liabilities but to compare him to two nutjobs who owed about $625,000 in taxes they argued they had no need to pay is not even in the same ballpark.

    “You have no data either other than the math you did with numbers that are not representative of the entire picture and you have the words let’s assume in the calculations.”

    Let’s assume? You’re such a liar. You know my numbers are all verifiable by multiple sources. You are flat out wrong and you know it.

    So who is the bigger hypocrite here? Conservatives who said it didn’t matter that Bush snorted coke and became and alcoholic but grilled Clinton on drugs and now like to bring up Obama’s childhood drug use? Or is it the liberals who didn’t care about Clinton and Obama doing drugs but find it funny that Republicans didn’t make an issue about Bush’s use? Or are we both just equally stupid?

  5. Big Dog says:

    I don’t recall making an issue of Clinton’s drug use. I made an issue of his statement that he did not inhale.

    While I have never used drugs I understand youthful indiscretion.

    However, I bring up Obama’s use exactly because of what you say, the people who harp on a Limbaugh or Bush but ignore Obama’s use.

    Though that does not mean we might not be equally stupid anyway. :)

  6. In on it not says:

    It is impossible for a liberal to be a hypocrite because they don’t stand for anything. They don’t make statements of conviction, other than flat hate for conservative thought (which they completely misunderstand, as they misunderstand what Liberal really means)
    and so when you find an “up-standing” liberal is in reality an addict or pimp or gay, it is really nothing hypocritical because they embrace every perversion and form of damed foolery, robbery and societal destruction.