The Tomato Doesn’t Fall Far From the Heinz Vine

Chris Heinz, 31 year old spoiled, sheltered, pansied son of Traza Heinz and the stepson of her husband John Kerry Heinz has shown he lacks the discipline to keep his mouth shut. He demonstrated the same attribute his mother has displayed on a number of occasions by calling George Bush a coke head.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a puke from an elitist family calling the president a coke head. He got this talent from his mother, who when she was not making her living on her back, was out running off at the mouth. She has insulted Laura Bush, insulted the Bush administration with her classless Asses of Evil buttons, and continually says things that one would not expect from a so called lady.

The problem is, Ms. Heinz prostituted herself to marry a rich, powerful man. After he died she went back on the bed circuit until she landed a man who married her in a mutual arrangement. She got the power of the Senate, he got the power of her money.

We have come to expect this classless stuff from the Madam Heinz, but for her son to start in is uncalled for. I think it is terrible he would claim that Bush got ugly first so he will now call Bush a coke head. You know he has been hearing this internally by the way he phrased it. This is another example of why we do not need these people in the White House. They are out of touch with America and they show disdain for anyone who does not agree with them.

George Bush is a good man and neither he nor anyone in his family has talked badly about anyone except John Kerry and John Edwards. The other side has gone all out to throw the attacks on the families of the candidates. I am telling you we do not need them in the White House. Let us send this spoiled rotten ass of a kid’s Mummy and step daddy packing on November second. When you think about her and then listen to him I guess you now know the definition of an SOB.

Ask yourself:
Who is going to better protect me?
Who has the interests of America first?
Who will never ask for a permission slip to defend America?
Who will let you keep more of your own money?
Who has shown that neither he nor his family will disgrace the office of president?
The answer to this is George W. Bush and you knew that so just get out there and vote for him.

You can read the full story here.

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