The Tolerant Left

All this week the Democrats have tried to tell us how tolerant they are and that they are the party of inclusion. They portray the Republican party as the party of old white people who are a bunch of racists. The inclusive and diverse Democrats seem to have trouble though including people who are not perceived to be like them. They stereotype people and then say those people are not welcome. A liberal icon points this out:

In fact, Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy site has a bunch of Tweets from the left regarding the prayer at the end of the convention. Look at how the tolerant left treats Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan:

WARNING: This link contains offensive words.

The left, so full of people who just want everyone under the tent.

Of course, this is the party that fought FOR slavery and oppressed blacks for decades. Hell, the left keeps blacks in poverty and on its plantation today…

Cave canem
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Tolerant Left”

  1. Blake says:

    Too true, BD- the left(Dems) used to have a wing of the party that were called the Dixie-crats, and included such intelluctual dwarves as Lester Maddox, and George Wallace, who used to like to sic dogs on marching Blacks in Mississippi and Georgia. It was the Republican Ike Eisenhower who thought up the Civil Rights Act in the ’50s, but was blocked in the Senate from passing the bill by none other than LBJ, then the Senate leader- who then, when he was president, passed and took credit for the Civil Rights Bill.
    Pretty sick, huh?