The Terrorists Have Won

So yes, the news literally all over the world today is that bin Laden is dead. There are even Americans dancing in the streets. And we’ve been told by the government, no matter which president has been there, that we’re fighting this “war” on terrorism. And we’ve been told, over and over, by Bush and Obama, that bin Laden was to blame and that the only way we could win this war would be to “fight them over there.” Well, we’ve fought them over there. We’ve killed their leader. So what’s the result?

Are we pulling our troops out of Iraq? Are we pulling our troops back from Afghanistan? How about out of Pakistan? Maybe out of Lybia or Saudia Arabia even? Apparently, no. Instead, we’re doing the opposite — getting ready for MORE war and MORE violence — in the name of freedom, of course:

More security at US air bases. Embassies and airports with worse tighter security. More Taliban cries to avenge the death. More from the “Religion of Peace,” Islam, calling the US evil.

So what have we gained? How can anyone call this a victory when the ONLY tangible result of this death is that more liberties are lost? As Big Dog himself points out — the terrorists are angry and want revenge.

I’m not saying I have all the answers. I’m just trying to say that I don’t think this event was nearly as wonderful as the media is reporting. And I’m not even going into the political angle…

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14 Responses to “The Terrorists Have Won”

  1. Big Dog says:

    Well we all know Obama went in based on politics. I commend him for taking a tough decision that could have cost him a lot. I just laugh at the libs who said capturing Hussein was no big deal and that all the terrorists we killed were the result of war crimes. Now Obama invades a sovereign nation and it is applauded.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we got him and I have no real problem with how it was done, I just think the libs are now glad over something they called war crimes in the past.

    Oh what a difference a new leader makes. I mean, where is Code Pinko and the rest protesting about the violence? They are nowhere and those celebrating probably marched in anti war demonstrations.

    The terrorists are mad but fear is no reason to stop going after the bad guys.

    I agree though, we need to wind down and get out of all the other nations so we can concentrate on our own borders.

    Do what needs to be done and get out.

  2. Adam says:

    I don’t really cheer on the death of bin Laden. I would rather he had been caught and put on trial for his crimes against humanity more like Saddam. Unfortunately the families of his victims worldwide will just have to settle for him being in a watery grave where he can do no more direct harm to anyone. Personally I would have put him in a tiny room for the rest of his miserable life with little contact with anyone and a short stack of crappy magazines to flip through.

    I think killing or capturing Osama is something Obama campaigned on and has every reason to be proud of. He doesn’t pretend he’s the one 100% responsible for the killing but he does deserve credit for the success and is deserving of any political bounce it may come with.

    • Eoj Trahneir says:

      No, we don’t expect you to cheer the fall of your hero.
      A trial…OMG.
      Adam would have kept him alive on your tax money for the rest of his life, like a government union retiree.
      And of course, up for early release, for good behavior…parole, and can’t deny him contact to any human, so he would do what? Run his terror outfit from the safety of prison.
      Adam, you a brilliant.

      McCain or even Pallin had more to do with killing Osama than Obama did. Without Obama, it would have happened 8 years ago. Remember, he voted against going into Iraq in the first place. One of two distended-vesticle votes, wasn’t it? He bragged about it in the debate to win Democratic nomination.

      Liberals, unfit to be in positions of power or control.

    • Big Dog says:

      He deserves credit for saying yes to the mission and that is it. The ONLY people who deserve credit for the SUCCESS are the ones who carried it out, those in the US military. He might get a bump and that is not uncommon. W got a bump when we took action after 9/11 and that bump was because of the actions of the military who deserved all the credit then just as they do now.

      So let me set you straight, ALL the credit for the SUCCESS goes to the military, they carried it out, period. Obama gets credit for saying yes to a mission that was designed from intelligence gained from during the Bush years and using tactics from the Bush years. Left to Obama, OBL would be alive still.

      Here is a nicer way to put it with regard to your “Chairborne Rangers

      • Adam says:

        “So let me set you straight, ALL the credit for the SUCCESS goes to the military, they carried it out, period.”

        It’s a given the military does the hard work and gets it done. Obama isn’t a general on the ground there with the troops but he is their leader and it was his leadership that saw this plan through. I’m sure this was a mixture of hard work and lucky breaks but Obama can put his name on something that Bush tried for years unsuccessfully to do. I know that bugs your side which is why it went to work as soon as the word of the death spread making sure everybody knew that Obama didn’t do anything but be commander-in-chief at an important time in our countries history.

        • Blake says:

          Leadership? OMG!!! If Bari had NOT given the go ahead, with the evidence they had, he would have been unmasked as the coward he truly is- it was only the unrefutable proof that he (Osama) had been in this compound FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS that made this a no-brainer, which makes it a natural for Bari.

        • Big Dog says:

          It bugs me that we did not get him sooner no matter who the leader was. As for the success, it belongs to the military. They did all the work. It would not matter who was in the White House. Palin, Clinton (either) Kerry, Bush, Trump, Paul, Romney, Carter, you name the person and anyone could have said do it. There is no Bush tried but could not do it, we did not have actionable intelligence as to where he was, unlike Clinton who had his location THREE times and did not give the order. You can bet all that you have that if someone came to Bush and said Bin Laden is here Bush would have said go get him and it would not have taken 16 hours to decide and he would not have had to sleep on it. That is the reality. Obama was fortunate that years of intelligence gleaned from detainees that Bush had interrogated gave up information and a courier was caught using a cell phone under the surveillance Bush set up. The mechanisms put in place by Bush helped Obama, it is called continuity and it continued from Bush to Obama and when Obama leave office it will go to the next person.

          All Obama can put his name on is that he got intelligence and when he finally decided he said go. If you think that Bush would not have done the same (we know Clinton would not) then you are nuts. If you believe that Bush had such intelligence and did not go then you are even more nuts.

          It does not bother me because Obama got him and Bush did not because those are based on a false premise. neither man got him or didn’t get him. neither was the one who pulled the trigger. What bothers me is how you and your ilk are acting like this is some big deal for Obama and that he is some genius because he was lucky to get good intelligence. The truth is AMERICA got him and that is all that really matters.

          Perhaps though, Bush never did it because he did not want to go into a sovereign nation and have to hear you libs mumble about war crimes. Now that Obama did it you all seem OK with the idea.

        • Eoj Trahneir says:

          “I’m sure … Obama can put his name on something that Bush tried for years unsuccessfully to do.”
          Actually, this is Bush’s victory, STILL succeeding, years after he left the office. What will Bari leave as his “success story?”
          Well, how about Obama-care? That will live long after he is gone. Or Clinton, a legacy of stolen spoons and “spilt milk” on blue dresses, or Carter leaving his legacy of a world in flames from his retarded weakness.

          Liberals are not fit to lead or hold power.

  3. victoria says:

    You know Ogre I would have to say, when those devils fight the way they do over there and our troops fight with their hands tied behind their backs so to speak, that we have actually done quite well.
    Here is a video on what happened with Rep. Allen West:
    And also:
    I mean we have a certain party subjecting our military to investigations, and trying to criminalize them and what they do, and trying to pass more laws against them, and slashing the funding and then everyone is wondering why it isn’t over and done with.

  4. victoria says:

    This sums it up very well:

  5. Ogre says:

    … which is why I didn’t even go into the politics of the move. Sure, we killed one guy. It might even be the guy that planned 9/11. Great. No, seriously, it’s good that he’s been stopped. But the end result seems to be that even though he’s now dead, things are WORSE for freedom. I’m having a hard time calling that a win.

    And yes, Victoria, I know how bad it is for troops over there — which is yet another reason we need to bring them home. Either let them kill people and break things, or bring them back.

    • victoria says:

      I would be of the same mind except we cannot let this be another Vietnam where this enemy is concerned.

    • Big Dog says:

      Funny, Pelosi said that getting bin Laden would not make us safer because the damage was done (this was when Bush was in) now she is singing the praises of how wonderful it is. She and her Dems are the reason we had a hard time getting intelligence or acting on things.

      But if we are safer today (and I have always felt safe and do not feel safer today than I did before he was killed) is it OK for us to take liquids on a plane and can they stop xraying us and feeling us up in the name of security?