The Terrorists Have Won In The NFL

Before I begin and someone decides to tell me that private organizations can decide their own policies let me point out that taxpayers paid for most (if not all) of the stadiums used in the National Football League.

The terrorists have won. It is that simple. You can no longer take a diaper bag into an NFL stadium. Nor can you take camera bags, purses larger than a clutch bag, fanny packs or any other kind of bag except for a clear 12″ x 6″ plastic bag (with or without a team logo) or a zip lock bag no larger than the above limit (a 1 gallon bag). And you can only carry one of those.

No backpacks, no briefcases (who takes one of those), no anything except the plastic bag OR a bag with medically necessary equipment.

Hell, you can’t even carry a seat cushion.

By the way, the teams will be more than happy to sell you a plastic bag (with logo) to carry your stuff.

This is partly in response to the Boston Marathon Bombing which involved a pressure cooker inside a backpack. None of these rules would have stopped it because people could have easily used explosives another way.

But, this will make us feel better.

Look, I get it. The world is dangerous but will this stop some deranged terrorist wannabe from causing chaos and killing people? No because there are plenty of ways to sneak explosives into the stadium. A determined terrorist could fly a plane load of explosives in or use a radio controlled device. I imagine they could get a small drone if they wanted to.

The world is a dangerous place. How many sports events have been blown up in the US compared to the number that has taken place? One marathon. Hundreds of baseball games take place each week and people carry bags in. For years since 9/11 people have taken bags into the NFL stadiums and nothing bad has happened.

Should these bags be subject to inspection? Absolutely but banning them, while it might make it a little safer, is an overreaction and really only makes it easier for the teams to get people in. They won’t have to spend time screening bags.

If they allowed most types of bags and screened them as they had in the past then those folks could go through tighter security and everyone else the standard screening.

But the NFL has imposed tough restrictions in the name of security in order to spend less time screening bags.

And of course to make money selling plastic team logo bags which the Baltimore Ravens have for $9.95 to $19.95. Interestingly, the Ravens also sell several types of team logo seat cushions.

I would expect that the team should no longer sell any item at the stadium that you could not bring in (excluding things like food and alcohol). That would include those seat cushions and the nice backpacks and other (banned) bags they sell.

I rarely go to a game and when I do I don’t carry much. But I also know that at some point we have to realize that there are risks in life. We also have to realize that this policy will do little to stop a determined person.

It will however, inconvenience a lot of people.

We are at the point where the terrorists have won, at least in the NFL.

Unless you stay home and watch the game on TV.

That is better anyway. No lines at the bathroom.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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