The Terrorists Erred Badly

Terrorists made a crucial mistake with the horrific attack on the mass transit system of London. The terrorists truly believe they are the only “brave” idealists willing to die for a cause. They see America and its allies as “soft” and unwilling to confront violence. Their whole strategy is based on the concept that America and its allies will lose the will to persevere in the face of extended or violent adversity

Therein lies the terrorists’ mistake. Their best move would have been to allow Americans to forget and fall back into complacency. There were signs that it was already occurring. We are the sleeping giant that should not be awakened. We hail from hardy stock – sons and daughters of those who left their homeland to challenge themselves to find a better life, sons and daughters of those who were brought across the seas against their will and survived the horrors of slavery. We are their children. . . and, our forefathers’ strength and courage runs through our veins.

Yes, some will hide inside their homes hoping the monster will disappear on its own. But, they are the minority. When you strike at us or at our allies, we shrug off our complacency and answer the call to action. Adversity makes us more determined to overcome and to conquer the problem. That’s who we are as a nation. It is in our genes.

Our stock markets showed resiliency in the face of a new attack – actually gaining ground. European markets fared a bit worse, but still stayed healthy. The shock value of a terrorist attack has lost its threat. The financial “masters of the universe,” as well as investors, have shown their confidence in the resiliency of “people” to overcome and adapt to this new world. The good money is on “us” – not the terrorists.

When we or our friends are attacked, we put aside partisan politics and stand in solidarity. Our friends, the Brits, are no different. The terrorists hoped this attack would erode British support for the Iraq/Coalition endeavors. It may very well backfire on the extremists.

The prayers of the American people are with our British friends tonight. We know their pain and offer our hand in friendship and comfort. They stood shoulder to shoulder with us after 9/11 and in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are honored to stand with them now in their time of need and sorrow.

Tomorrow we will join once again to face these terrorist and show them that from which we are made. Galvanized once more, we will strive to defeat terrorism together.

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One Response to “The Terrorists Erred Badly”

  1. Big Dog says:

    Well said and very true. The idea that we will be broken by attacking our cousins across the pond is a very poor strategy indeed. Now, maybe the rest of Europe will get its act together and realize that this is serious business.