The Terrorists Don’t Care

For several years the yahoos on the left have been crying about the war and claiming that we are causing more terror recruitment by our presence in Iraq. If we would only leave, they say, then those nice, misunderstood terrorists would leave us alone. How did the terrorists reward Spain for their position of retreat? They bombed a train station killing a lot of people. Surely if Bush and Blair would just get out of Iraq and if both of them were gone we would see the Religion of Pieces calm down and live like good, decent beings.

Gordon Brown took over for Tony Blair this week as the PM of the UK so that was one thing the terrorists wanted, Blair gone (as did many of his countrymen). The new PM has stated that he will be taking a look at the UK’s position on Iraq and might start removing troops. Did the terrorists allow him the time to think about it? Did they reward him for his idea of possibly leaving Iraq? Why no, they attacked his country again.

Two car bombs were discovered before they could cause problems and kill people but a third vehicle was driven into the airport terminal in Glasgow Scotland where it was on fire causing damage and increasing fear. It would appear as if the car bomb brigade has made its way to the UK and are going to be targeting innocent civilians.

These are the kind of people we are dealing with. They have no regard for human life and are more than willing to die for their cause, which I say we should help them with. They treat positions of weakness with attacks in an effort to make people submit to their twisted form of religion that follows the rantings of a mental child molester prophet named Mohammad.

The authorities have rounded up some people they believe were involved. If they are found guilty they should be force fed pork and executed.

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