The Terrorist Threat

Has anyone seen these clips of that jackass Michael Moore saying there is no terrorist threat? The clips have him saying this while showing the planes hitting the Twin Towers. Perhaps Moore can explain to the families that there is no terrorist threat.

Maybe Moore means right now. If that is the case then he is acknowledging that George Bush is doing a great job keeping the terrorists out. You see Mike, if there were terrorists on 9/11 and there are none now, Bush did a good job. I can’t imagine you meant there was no threat on 9/11. If you did you need to go on a diet so those fat eyelids will shrink and you can see what is going on. Perhaps if you would remove your head from your rectal cavity you would get a better view of the world. Of course, the location of your head explains why you talk so much sh**.

I have an idea. We can see how much Moore is convinced there is no threat from the terrorists. We can put him, Clinton (both of them), Edwards (both of them), Kerry, Heinz, that sissy from Berkeley, Al Gore, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and as many other liberal donks in a building in the desert. Then we tell the terrorists that they have unrestricted access to the building to do what they want. If there is no threat, the libs have nothing to worry about. If there is a threat then we will have absolute proof. We will even give them an airplane (escorted by the Air Force to make sure there is no hankey pankey) and see if they fly in to the building to get their plethora of virgins up in heaven. I know that 50% of the country would view a terrorist attack in this fashion a tragedy. I say the only tragedy would be if one of the aforementioned people did not make the meeting. Now I’m not evil, but there is no terrorist threat. I have Michael Moore’s word for it.

I actually wonder sometimes, how these people would feel if some of their family had died in the 9/11 attacks. I mean, suppose Moore had a kid who worked in the Towers and that kid got killed. I’ll bet he would want the terrorists brought to justice. I guess since it was a bunch of business people he does not know, someone else’s kids, he does not care. Since it was a bunch of people not up to the level of importance he believes himself to have, then it is no big deal.

Believe me when I tell you there is a terrorist threat. There will be a threat as long as there are people out there whose only goal in life is to kill us. They are evil and we need to be strong and resolute. Under the leadership of George Bush we will win this war. If Kerry wins, well then I guess it’s up in the air.

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