The Stimulus And Jobs; A Visual Tutorial

Joe Biden was on Meet the Press where he said this about the failing stimulus:

Biden tells “Meet the Press” that “everyone guessed wrong” on the impact of the stimulus, economy was worse off than anyone thought.

Isn’t it nice to know the supposed leaders are guessing about how things will be? I know that much of what happens is based upon predictions and supporters are quick to point that out (since a prediction is an educated guess). They seem to have problems with reconciling the issue of what Obama said would happen with the Stimulus and what would happen without. While I realize jobs lag in any recovery, it was not I who said I would create or “save” so many jobs by certain points in time by spending nearly a trillion dollars.

Seems to me if you are going to spend that much money you really ought to have better people making the predictions. Obama predicted we would be at a certain place at a certain time and we are not there. Biden ducked that issue; “[Biden] Backs away from the estimate that the funds could create or save 3.5 million jobs, instead promises 600,000 by the end of the summer.”

Here is a video that shows this with training aids, for those who learn better that way:

Please feel free to comment (a penny for your thoughts…)

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34 Responses to “The Stimulus And Jobs; A Visual Tutorial”

  1. Adam says:

    There are parts to the argument here:

    1. Obama has specified a estimated number of jobs the stimulus would create or save.

    2. Obama has specified an estimated unemployment would be with and without the stimulus.

    You keep implying that because the stimulus hasn’t reached the percent of employment that Obama estimated, that it is not creating jobs. It appears to be creating jobs and we lost a lot fewer jobs than estimated last month.

    I would be interested in seeing new graphs made based on the impact of the current stimulus package on what we now estimate unemployment numbers to be. Until we see that your argument isn’t going to be that strong and you’ll simply be masking argument 2 to look like argument 1.

    • Big Dog says:

      If we keep losing jobs he is not creating jobs. You cannot compare because all non stimulus items would be guesses. The issue is that he said what it would be if we passed the stimulus and it is not that. He made it urgent, he said we HAD to do it now or it would be too late. He would not take a measured approach, it had to be all or nothing. The stimulus has spent 44 billion and no jobs have been created and none have been “saved.” These are Obama’s numbers and he is being held to them.

      It is merely pointing out that he said it would be one thing and he was way off. He had no idea or as Biden said, they guessed wrong.

      You can keep sniffing his shorts but he is the one who made all the claims. Bush said there were WMD and when we did not find them you libs went nuts. Obama said it would be one thing and he was wrong.

      • Randy says:

        No jobs have been created? None? You sure about that one?

        • Blake says:

          Very few, Randy, I haven’t seen them, unless you want to try and include the “saving” of all of those union management jobs at GM and Chrysler.

      • Adam says:

        Liberals went nuts over Bush not finding WMD he was certain we would find? You’re damn right we did. That fact that you would equate that to Obama misjudging the impact of the recession on job loss just shows you how disconnected you are from reality.

        • Blake says:

          No, you all screamed how “Bush Lied”- so what do we say? Hussein LIED. All things being equal, Hussein’s lie hurts the nation more.

    • Blake says:

      Adam, we are not even sure that the stimulus has actually slowed the loss of jobs or it’s a little burp on the way to more job loss. That’s the problem- we should be able to see at least some progress if its going to happen, and it has not.

  2. Thom Collins says:

    Baffle them with Bull Shit Maobama!
    Reminds me of WW II and The Goeble Schnauser
    lies called Propraganda

  3. Darrel says:

    This entire line of reasoning can never amount to much because it ultimately falls victim to the dictum that states: “correlation does not show causation.”

    If the economy/jobs situation improves quicker than expected/hoped for (opinions will differ), they will say too much was spent on stimulus and wasn’t needed.

    If it improves slower than expected/hoped for (opinions will differ), they will say not enough was spent on stimulus and more was needed.

    But it doesn’t matter because no one can ultimately show the degree of *causation* between the *correlation* of stimulus spending and the results.

    Tea party in progress

      • Blake says:

        What was the point of the link? We already paid for those things- I believe that you choose to ignore the fact that people rebel at excessive taxation, a la Hussein- his taxes have nothing to do with those things you have pointed out, none at all.
        They do have Everything to do with socialism, and taking control of every aspect of our country- they have everything to do with stifling free expression and effort to become more prosperous than you are now.

      • Darrel says:

        BLK: What was the point of the link?>>

        I liked the picture. It was a bonus.

        BLK: “We already paid for those things-”

        With taxes.

        BLK: people rebel at excessive taxation,>>

        The lady is holding a sign saying she wants “zero taxes.”

        BLK: They do have Everything to do with socialism,>>

        You swim in a sea of socialism. It’s what makes your country great. You just don’t know it. I’ll have to explain it to you some time.


    • Blake says:

      If you spend money on something, unless you are a fool, you have something to show for the money you spent- Hussein has nothing to show for all his BS- so he is a fool, or he expects us to be fools. One or the other- choose.

  4. Adam says:

    It is an exercise in dishonestly to insist at this stage that the stimulus is failing. Obama has much more of a case to say it is succeeding given the amount of positive news about the economy coming lately such as soaring stocks or better than expected job losses in May.

    The fact that Obama did not predict unemployment correctly and that it is still high has no bearing on whether or not the stimulus is creating jobs or will create jobs in the future.

    Think of it in terms of vegetables instead. You have two red peppers already. Your wife sends you out to pick up three more from the store. When you get back home your wife has since found out the other two have gone bad and you’ll need to get two more somehow. With the logic you are applying to Obama and unemployment you would have to conclude the following:

    * It’s as if you didn’t buy any peppers at all
    * There is absolutely no way to use the peppers you bought now that the other two are gone
    * Your trip to the store was a total failure

    • Blake says:

      No, at this stage, six months in, if the stimulus has not begun to show SOME progress, its time to say this is not working. Probably because he has never held a job, neither he or his cadre knows how to apply the “stimulus”.
      All he has done is began to make rules and try to push thru more onerous laws.

      • Adam says:

        It’s just Monday and already with the lack of fact checking for your opinions? Let me help you out.

        First of all we are just shy of 4 months in, not 6. It’s been 3 months, 29 days since Obama signed the stimulus into law. Additionally parts of the stimulus package depended on how Obama handled foreclosures which came in the weeks after the signing of the stimulus bill.

        Second, the stimulus appears to be showing “SOME” progress, particularly in the area of slowing job losses, though it is hard to tell for sure. Still, job loss in May was almost a 3rd less than April and almost half as less as March.

        Third, how can you suggest Obama has never held a job? Obama has worked a lot of places throughout his years, including some you may even consider “real” jobs.

        • Adam says:

          And frankly I reject your 6 months claim anyway. The stimulus isn’t a 6 month package, it’s 2-3 years. It’s designed to get us through the recession and lesson the impact of the recovery. By the midterm elections we’ll have a pretty good idea what worked and didn’t work.

        • Blake says:

          Actually if you include the Tarp and every other acronymed payola, its about 8 months- and the evidence should be clear- it is not.

        • Blake says:

          OOOH- job losses in May might be down, but if you include the car dealerships in June, the losses will drastically mount, so may is a burp on the radar of job loss.
          Name a job other than “community organizer”- that one’s a classic laugher.

        • Adam says:

          We can talk about this when actual evidence can be examined. Until then it’s too early to say anything for sure and your willingness to do so as usual highlights your dishonesty and your lack of integrity with regard to checking your facts and admitting mistakes.

          Same goes with the June job loss numbers. We will see.

          As for me naming a job other than “community organizer” I linked to dozens. You can click on a link and read, can’t you?

        • Blake says:

          I really like the “position unknown, employer unknown”- yeah those are some real “facts” aren’t they? Kind of hard to check.
          How about this? I interned at a brain clinic sometime between 81- 83, doing lobotomies on liberals- position unknown, employer unknown.
          I didn’t know that would fly on a resume- I guess I can update mine and get a job, maybe as President- apparently you can be real vague- everything from are you a citizen?- to what is your work experience?

        • Adam says:

          Watch Blake lie again to cover up his first lie, as if every job listed on there is “position unknown, employer unknown.”

          The fact that you would lie and say Obama never had a job has nothing to do with this topic yet you fill up every post and every comment with these same unfactual statements and then when called on them you lie and bloviate and simply pretend you are right. You’re a real piece of work.

        • Blake says:

          No Adam, “position unknown, employer unknown” would never fly on a real world resume, and that is a fact- I checked your link, and besides Baskin Robbins ice cream scooper, he had not much verifiable going for him.
          The Ice Cream Scooper is what would seal the deal for me, though- every president should have this experience, I agree.

        • Blake says:

          You are right, though- he allegedly did hold “dozens” of “jobs”- which means to me that he can’t hold a job long enough to matter.

          Let’s hope this pattern holds true.

        • Darrel says:

          Let’s see, Blake goes from:

          “he [Obama] has never held a job,”


          “You are right, though- he allegedly did hold “dozens” of “jobs””>>

          Blissfully unaware that he actually got anything wrong. And in a few moments he’ll go back to repeating the first claim again. My pussycat has a longer attention span.


        • Adam says:

          Being a partner at the law firm Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland for about 8 years? Who is Obama trying to kid? I mean, any schmuck can make partner at a law firm. That’s not a real job at all is it? And only 8 years, not even long enough to be President, is it?

        • Blake says:

          I’ll bet most people would think that the “Partnership” was affirmative action taken to make “inroads” into the “black community”, and so you have to ask yourself, did he earn it, or was it given to him because of his color?
          As long as there is affirmative action, that question is valid.

    • Blake says:

      You are really not good at analogies, are you, Adam?
      If you create jobs, you can quantify those jobs- the fact that his jobs figures can’t be quantified means that the stimulus isn’t working.
      Apparently there are not really very many “shovels” ready, are there?

      • Adam says:

        I’m always good for a vegetable analogy. Coming from a guy who can’t tell fact from fiction I won’t feel insulted.

        • Blake says:

          Oh, I can tell fact from fiction- I know, for instance, that you are not a vegetable, despite your weak line of reasoning.
          Every time you run out of arguments, you say I am a” real piece of work”- that line is getting real tired, Adam.
          You have your opinion, and I have mine- that’s fine with me, but apparently not with you. It’s sad, really- unless I come over to the dark side, you will never like me- oh woe is me, what will I do?

        • Adam says:

          You pretend that our opinions are somehow equal and opposite yet you do not notice the difference between my opinions having a basis in reality and yours having the stench from recently being extracted right out of your rear end. Save the “woe is me” crap you intellectual coward, I’d settle for a man not afraid to admit his mistakes.

        • Blake says:

          You pretend your opinions are holy, and mine are not- oooh- a liberal strikes again. Hit me with that wet noodle!
          Please- your opinion and my opinion are the same in terms of importance, no matter how either you or Darrel want to tart up your “facts”.
          You are lucky that 1- you live in Delaware, and 2- people don’t challenge the other to a duel anymore, or you would be in serious trouble, a**wipe.

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