The Silence Of The Left Starring Hannibal Murtha

Peter over at the Liberty Files has written a great post that discusses the two American Soldiers who were tortured and killed. He discusses the silence of the left and then compares that to the noise they make about terrorists who claim to have been tortured.

But what does the anti-war crowd have to offer? Guantanamo Bay. As President Bush sits in Vienna, he is pressured by hand-wringing Europeans to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The concern of these Europeans is over not the conditions at the prison, where numerous terrorists captured in the War on Terror are being held, but over the flap that is being made by anti-war groups like Amnesty International and the terrorists themselves who are “unhappy” with the fact that they are being detained, as evidenced by a coordinated suicide two weeks ago by three of them.

And prominent anti-war voices like Jack Murtha, who never met a U.S. soldier in the line of fire whom he wouldn’t second-guess, are strangely silent at the news that their own soldiers were kidnapped, torn to pieces and only then murdered by al Qaida in Iraq terrorists.

I recommend that you go to his site and read the post. It is well written and right on target.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Hey there, Big Dog! They’re just jealous because they can’t find such good room service. lol.

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