The Saga Continues

My esteemed colleague, Surfside, wrote a very good article discussing the guilty plea of one Sandy Burglar, Berger. If this were the only Clintonite who was either indicted, convicted, or pled guilty it would not be very newsworthy. The fact that it is a story about more illegal activities involving the Clinton crown will automatically make it not newsworthy in the eyes of the MSM. The Clinton administration was rife with criminals who have either been convicted or indicted. A large number of others, including Clinton and Gore, met with and accepted money from, known criminal elements.
The following people in the Clinton administration appointees were indicted or in some other type of legal trouble:

    Henry Cisneros
    Mike Espy
    Alexis Herman
    Webster Hubbell
    Ron Brown
    Kendall B. Coffey
    John Huang
    Mark Middleton
    Carol Browner
    Bernard Nussbaum
    Lloyd Cutler

This list is not all inclusive. There were many more and you can read about them at The Clinton Crime Family.

The referenced site details all the legal troubles that were pervasive in the Clinton administration. After reading this, it should not surprise anyone that Berger was a criminal. The site also does a wonderful job of listing the legal issues that surrounded Hillary Clinton. With the prospest of Ms. Clinton obtaining the nomination of the democratic party, it would be prudent to check her past issues before awarding her the prize of the White House. This country does not need another crime filled administration. Al Gore once stated that the Clinton administration was the most ethical in history. If this is his idea of ethical, it is a good thing he lost in 2000.

Perhaps it is a good idea to see where these people are today. If Ms. Clinton should win, she will undoubtedly seek out some of the wonderful people who worked for her husband. If she is successful they might have to move the Executive Branch to a Federal Penitentiary.

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