The Religion Of Peace

This is the first line from an article about actor Sean Penn (the former Mr. Madonna) playing reporter in Iran. I could care less what that loud mouthed idiot is doing but the first line of the story is interesting.

Hollywood actor Sean Penn, adopting the role of a journalist, scribbled in his notebook as Friday prayer worshippers in Tehran chanted “Death to America.”

Some how I think it is a little hard to portray your religion as peaceful when you are chanting Death To America at your Friday Prayer. I have a hunch that if you visited most places of worship in America you would not find the congregation chanting death to anyone. Unless of course you went to place where the peaceful religion folks get together (read Mosque). Howard Dean said the Republican Party was full of white Christians. You know what Howard. We are and I am happy about that. I am sure that we have quite a few Black, Hispanic and many other kinds of Christians as well. But one thing is for sure. What ever demographic you place upon these Christians Howie, hate monger will not be one of them.

Read it here (if you can stomach the idiot Penn).

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12 Responses to “The Religion Of Peace”

  1. Adam says:

    You’ll find people at the Westboro Baptist Church chanting death to “fags” and “sodomites” and picketing funerals of homosexual men killed in hate crimes. They put the fun in fundamentalism.

    Nobody needs another entry talking about how evil Islam is. Grow up. We see it in America, but somehow we ignore it. When it’s here, it’s not the norm, but when fundamentalist Islam makes the news that’s what Islam is about.

    The problem with Islam right now is that the mainstream peaceful members are not standing up against this radical faction in their religion. The clerics are not telling the people any different. The people are not organizing enough. It’s sad really.

  2. Big Dog says:

    First of all, you telling me to grow up is a joke, right?

    Secondly, you, once again want to try to blame the Americans because radical Islam is in church chanting to kill Americans. Somehow that is OK.

    I have never been to the church you referenced so I can not comment. Have YOU ever been there or is this some hear-say?

    Perhaps the reason that it is perceived as the norm is because it happens all over. The clerics are in the Mosques all over the region calling for jihad and death to Americans. We hear it all the time.

    The reason it is not the norm here is because if it happens it is very RARE!!!!! If you want someone to grow up perhaps you should take that advice and stop looking at the world through those rosy colored liberal glasses and start calling things the way they are not the way some professor says they are or should be.

  3. Adam says:

    No. Grow up. The only people connecting radical Islam to peaceful Islam are morons. Get off that bus.

    Look, you can’t counter every one of my arguments with “stop blaming America!” It’s getting pretty old. I have never used America to justify any wrong done in the world. I use it to put you back in perspective hoping you might not stay a holier than thou my religion army penis SUV is better than yours American man. Woops, I failed again.

    I think God Hates Fags qualifies as radical Christian. That isn’t hearsay in my book. I’ve seen radical Christians protesting on my campus. Their leader was screaming “GOD HATES FAGGOTS!” at the top of his lungs. Of course, they said they were doing it out of love, so I guess it’s okay?

    When we have radical Christians running around our nation and still Christianity is a religion of peace to you, how do radical Muslims keep Islam from being a religion of peace? Religions get crazy believers. That’s a fact. There are plenty of peaceful Islamic people. In fact, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. If it was as violent as you speak of the whole world would be at war. War is on the decline though.

  4. Surfside says:

    For goodness sakes! It doesn’t matter what religion advocates killing people; it’s wrong. The difference between radical Islamics and radical Christians is sometimes hard to determine. Using religion as an excuse or as a violent means to an end is never right. Yes, we have nutballs here that bomb abortion clinics or advocate violence against gays in the name of religion. That is just plain wrong; and, the majority of America feels that way.

    Another point in fact — radical Christians have not gone on a large scale, world-wide jihad against anyone. They don’t have a world-wide network of sleeper cells bent on killing those they don’t like. And, they haven’t flown planes into buildings, blown up embassies and been on a two-year killing spree of their own innocent men, women and children(as in Iraq).

    It wasn’t until 9/11 that Muslim countries started to distance and disavow themselves from these terrorists. Therefore, there was an implicit connection between radical Islam and peaceful Islam unitl recently. In fact, many Muslim countries supported them with money and training bases. Therein lies the difference. True Christians have always disavowed their radical bretheren and have never supported their methods through money or tolerance.

  5. Adam says:

    Looks like somebody has an all day pass to the idiot bus as well. Forget it. I’m out of this one.

  6. Surfside says:

    Yes, Adam, run away from a well-defended argument. Sorry the truth hurts. Apparently you have no problems casting aspersions — although you deride others for doing so.

  7. Big Dog says:

    OK. Once again Adam, you miss the target. About what I expect from a donk. Now, there are many People in this country that say bad things. I am sure there are people on your campus who shout death to about anything. I am sure there are people all over this country that say really stupid things. I am also sure that I said that the religion, not the people who practice it.

    No where, have I seen priests or rabbis leading their flocks in chants of death to anyone. The folks in the Islamic religion have their LEADERS telling them to kill Americans and to wage jihad.

    People as individuals say really stupid things. I would not judge all Christians by what some idiots at your school say or do. I would not judge all followers of Islam as radicals if it were just the average everyday worshipper. But we have the leaders of the religion espousing this stuff. You can call it what you want but if Billy Graham came on TV and said we should be killing all Muslims the left would be all over him. Stop making excuses for those people who represent the religion. When more that feel peaceful stand up and condemn this then I will think they are trying for peace. Until then, their silence tells me they quietly agree.

  8. Big Dog says:

    BTW Adam, you were the one, at your site who said well America did this stuff long before Hussein. And we have WMD why can’t he? So don’t come over here and act like you do not use America’s actions to justify what other countries do. Look at what you did here. You said well, people at such and such church say death to fags so it is OK for the Muslims to chant Death to America. Let me translate for you. We do so why shouldn’t they?
    Look around the comments at your site and you will see how many times you have said well America was doing it first or we caused it or we started it, blah, blah…

  9. Big Dog says:

    You are correct Surfside. Adam always runs when the argument goes South for him. He does not like it when an honest debate takes place because facts ruin a good donk argument.

    As far as an all day pass on the idiot bus. I am on the idiot bus. I am the driver taking all the donk idiots for a ride. We refer to them as the model ID10T donk so as not to hurt their feelings.

  10. Adam says:

    Oh bullshit, both of you.
    Did I once say that is is okay for anyone to chant death to America? No. What I said, more than once if you could read, is that we have radicals here in America, but Christianity is still a religion of peace to you. When Islam has radicals, it’s a religion of hate to you. You are wrong saying we don’t have religious leaders calling for hate. You can’t honestly believe that Christian fanatics just arrive at their fanaticism on their own, right?

    “You said well, people at such and such church say death to fags so it is OK for the Muslims to chant Death to America.”

    Thanks for making up something I said, and then translating it into something even worse. It really makes for honest debate…not. If you call this an honest debate then my left foot is named Jackson Pollock. You make some fool connection between Islam the religion and Islam the fanaticism, then when I say you are wrong you accuse me of justifying radicals. You do this in every debate we have had lately and it a total joke. If you want me to stay in a debate, don’t accuse me of justifying something I’m not. If you want me to stay in a debate, make me believe you actually read the things I say.

  11. Surfside says:

    I think you didn’t read what I said, Adam. I essentially agreed with you about the radical religious in America and then explained how it differed from the Islamic counterpart. Prior to 9/11, radical Islamic practices were virtually or actually state-sponsored. Here in the US, we put the radical religious in jail if they perpetrate violence on anyone — instead of rewarding their families with tens of thousands of dollars. It is not condone, fostered or ignored. Our intelligence agencies try to keep tabs on the truly fanatic sects.

  12. Big Dog says:

    I read what you say. The words I used were showing what you inferred by your statement. I did not quote you.

    Surfside said it plainly. Until not long ago the religion sponsored terrorism. That is, it was state sponsored. The radical wing still believes that it is OK to use violence and terrorism to achieve goals. You find radicals here in the US but as she pointed out, they are kept under watch. Our government does not sponsor it.

    We have radicals in this country but you will not see every Christian church across the country chanting for the death of some faction of people. This is opposite of what you see in the Islamic world. Clerics across countries call for jihad.

    Hell, Clinton killed a bunch of religious zealots in Waco. Perhaps we should send him and El Rino to the Muslim world and let them handle the unrest…….