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Surfside recently posted about the liberal bias of the media and the things they will do to push their agenda. The portion that describes how the NYT is looking into the adoption of two children by the Roberts is chilling. While one might give the press a pass (no pun intended) if they merely asked about the adoptions and then left it alone when told the records were sealed. One would assume the press would know such things but if not, so be it. The relentless pursuit of the records is another story entirely. The NYT is on a witch hunt in an effort to discredit Judge Roberts.

The NYT can try to claim that they are responsible journalists and are making sure the judge did not break any laws to adopt. They might actually have some credibility if that were really the purpose. Unfortunately, they are playing the brand of journalism that is all too familiar to them. They started with a story and worked backwards to fill in the facts. They did this during the last presidential election when they made the terrific claim about explosives missing in Iraq. They made it appear as breaking news. Fact is the story was 18 months old and the stuff went missing when it was not in US control.

The problem with the Robert’s story is that the NYT went in looking for something bad.

TIMES editors were determined to find any possible legal irregularities in the adoptions, insiders claim. Drudge Reports

You can see the obvious bias. They were determined to find any possible irregularity so they could discredit him. They did not just want to take a look at the records, they wanted to scrub them in an effort to dig up any possible bit of dirt. This is the lowest form of journalism. One would expect the NYT, as well as all other publications, to maintain neutrality. This of course is a pipe dream because we have all seen the liberal media (yes they are liberal despite claims from the left that they are conservative) concoct stories to discredit the right. It does not matter if the stories are true, as long as they are a serious allegation. The NYT has been doing this for a long time. Newspaper circulation is down. People are turning to other sources for their news. I personally can not wait until they all go under and they are all out on the streets. The libs should support this. Think of how many trees can be saved. Of course bird owners will have a new problem.

It is interesting that these things keep happening from the group who is supposed to be the tolerant among us. They continue to manufacture items and dig up dirt. I know there are a few conservative news outlets. I would like someone to point out where they have done the same thing to liberals.

Perhaps the NYT is upset because the Latin American woman from whom the Roberts adopted did not abort the children as is her supreme right. Of course then the NYT would be running a headline reading “Two Children Murdered Because John Roberts Did Not Adopt Them.”

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