The Problem With Liberal Actors

The problem with liberal actors, especially the ones who are getting pretty old, is that they think that they matter. They begin to believe that the roles they played reflect real life and that they need to portray their characters outside the studio. The problem is that these aged hippies do not realize they are making fools of themselves. They get older, and since their ability was suspect to begin with, they know they will not get work. They sit around Hollywood praying for someone to send them a script so they will have work. When no one does, they begin to meddle in public affairs and mess everything up. It is that idea that they are somehow important that makes them do it.

Take Warren Beatty. Here is a guy that was marginally talented. All he had to do was remember words someone else wrote for him and then say them when someone else tells him to. He gets to work in a world of make believe. He played in a movie entitled Bulworth, where interestingly he directed and had something to do with the screenplay. He was a politician who changed from a elitist money grabbing big corporate man to a ghetto talking “punk” who was making fun of the establishment. This was a liberal movie that got to show us how bad society is because of white politicians and the way they treat minorities.

In any event, Beatty was following Governor Schwarzenegger around today trying to get people not to vote for the proposals that the Governor has on the ballot. Beatty and his wife tried to enter a place where the Governor was speaking but they were denied entry because they were not on the guest list. Of course, Ms. Beatty had to play that liberal elitist crap and ask

“You have to have a wristband to listen to the governor?” Bening asked. “He represents all of us, right?”

This is a ploy to act like they are some kind of victim. How about we ask Beatty if people who pay to see his movies can go to any event he attends? Yes the Governor represents all the people and no he does not have to let everyone in. He only needs to let in supporters if he wants. But if the Beatty’s want to pony up some money for the Governor’s reelection they might get in. Liberals only care when they are not let in. When conservatives are excluded, like when Ward Churchill speaks, the libs think that is perfectly OK despite the fact that the students are paying tuition, but that is a different matter.

Beatty needs to retire and go to the old actors home. He played a politician in a movie. That does not make him qualified to be one. Hell, Tom Cruise played a fighter pilot and I doubt he could actually fly a fighter jet. So Warren, please sit down and STF up.

In Bulworth the title character was shot and presumed killed at the end of the movie. Beatty should be careful with his desire for life to imitate art.

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