The Poor In America

I have often written that the poor in this country would be considered wealthy in many other places around the world. The problem we have in America is that we expect everyone to have the same amount of money. The moonbats out there expect us to tax the rich to pay the so called poor. It is hard to figure out who is poor. First you have to wade through the cell phones, big TVs, fancy cars and expensive clothes before you can find a poor person. Or as Paul Jacob at puts it:

Today, obesity is a bigger problem for the poor than is hunger. A poor person usually has several television sets, a cell phone, and perhaps a car. “The digital divide” that some decry is the awful fact that some of these people don’t have computers or Internet access — though they probably do have Nintendo or X-Box, and free Internet access at their local library.

We have this so called divide between haves and have nots and that is always being redefined to keep, as Jacobs puts it, “poverty activists employed.” Yes, we now have something called the living wage which is really strange because the people are obviously alive regardless of their wages. This is some magical wage that would allow a person to make ends meet and not need assistance. I can’t figure out how that is determined. I mean, is it calculated before or after all the luxury items the poor seem to accumulate?

The same ideas that keep people in the cellar are the ones that refuse to allow reform to Social Security. If there are moonbats who actually think the Democrats care about Social Security they should be locked up for their own safety. The Democrats only want Social Security on the table so they can use it as ammunition when they are running for office. They want to scare old people into believing they will lose Social Security like they told them the checks would stop if Bush were elected in 2000. The checks have made it every month despite the fear imposed by the moonbats.

Social Security is nothing more than wealth redistribution. It is a program where the government forcibly removes money from you and gives it to others. There is no incentive for people to save money because Uncle Sam will look out for them. The problem is that Uncle Sam uses Social Security funds for everything except Social Security and if you die, your family can not get any of the money you paid in. The Democrats do not want people to be able to save their own money the way they see fit because that would take power away from the donks. They rely on being able to hold SS over our heads. If people actually made money and became wealthy the donks would be shown as the failures they really are.

Until there is a better system the government will extort money from us to pay for others instead of allowing us to invest the same way our elected representatives do. Yes, they are the do as I say crowd and they know better than you how to spend YOUR money. Think about this when it is time to vote.


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