The Polls Are Closed, Murtha Wins

John Murtha

The polls have closed for the July JOTM vote. We had a record 96 votes cast this month and the winner is……..John Murtha. He will be in his rightful place of dishonor for the next month while the Dog conducts his bidniz.

  • John Murtha 55% 53 votes
  • Nancy Pelosi 7% 7 votes
  • Keith Olbermann 7% 7 votes
  • Howard Dean 4% 4 votes
  • Write in candidates:

  • Big Dog 5% 5 votes
  • Dick Durbin 3% 3 votes
  • Geraldo Rivera 2% 2 votes
  • New York Times 8% 8 votes
  • George W Bush 3% 3 votes
  • All Democrats 4% 4 votes

I want to thank the person who added me. This proves that there are 5 liberals who read the site. Of course, being a Republican, I can hardly be a jackass (their mascot, not ours). But in all fairness, someone added me so I left it up. Some of the add ins will be on the list for next month’s poll.

Thanks to everyone!

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2 Responses to “The Polls Are Closed, Murtha Wins”

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