The Plame Game

Remember back during the G W Bush Administration when some obscure CIA agent named Valerie Plame had her cover blown by Scooter Libby? Remember all the uproar from the left and the demands that Libby be frog marched in chains for disclosing the fact that Plame was a covert agent?

It matters little that the entire deal was a hit on Libby. It is known that Richard Armitage leaked the info and that the special prosecutor knew it but told him to remain silent about it. It is also true one could call the CIA and ask to be connected to Plame and they would ring you through.

But politics needed to be played and the left was all giddy as it dreamed of Libby in jail for disclosing the identity of a covert operative.

I wonder how these very liberals feel today knowing that Hillary Clinton’s home brew server set up put CIA agents at risk. I wonder if they care that the covers of these folks and the nature of operations might have been compromised as a result of Hillary’s decision to break the law and run a server at home all the while allowing classified information to run through it so prying eyes from around the world could hack into it.

Yes, Hillary might be responsible for this data leak as well but will the liberals hold her accountable? Will a special prosecutor be put into place to indict her on charges of disclosing the secret identities of spies in addition to the other crimes she has committed?

You know better. The left does not care about the law or this nation (unless the laws can be used to go after conservatives). It only cares about power and the toadies who support the left only care about getting “free” stuff.

Hillary could cut the head off a newborn baby and drink its blood and the left would still support her. This little wrinkle will not stop her because the left does not hold its own accountable.

Remember, to these people the ends justify the means so what Hillary did was A-OK.

It would be nice to see her frog marched out of DC and locked away for her crimes but not until Obama is out of office.

We don’t want him to pardon her…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Plame Game”

  1. Blake says:

    OOOOOOH- frog-marched- Hillary? Too sweet- also impossible, as the left now pretty much owns the judiciary in America- they now do not enforce the laws (unless, as you say, it is against conservatives), but instead, find loopholes to get the left abstinence from their sins, and they are both plenty and egregious.
    The really sad part is that when people finally do wake up, it might be too late for anything but a bloody coup.