The Pig Is The New Democrat Symbol

Forget the jackass, err donkey, the new symbol for Democrats is the pig. Well, it is the symbol for three Democrats who live like pigs. Senators Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and George Miller, who share a place, invited Dana Bash of CNN into their DC home (or should I say sty) and what she saw was not pleasant.

There are broken blinds, empty beer cans, rat traps and a partially made bed that Schumer says is the most he has made it up and only for her visit. These guys live like pigs.

There is an old tea kettle and food stains on an old stove and the fridge had a bagel hard enough to drive a nail.

I know there are people all over who live like this but when members of Congress live like this there is a problem. And when they invite a reporter in and actually seem proud of the way they live there is a real problem. I know I would never invite someone into my home if it looked like this.

The sad part is these guys have a combined annual income of nearly a half a million dollars. Couldn’t they hire a maid service and split the cost? How about buying some blinds and curtains (instead of bed sheets) and perhaps a few garbage cans and cleaning supplies? Maybe hire someone to make some repairs and paint the place…

No, that would require them to spend their own money and they do not like to do that. They only spend OUR money.

I understand from the article that the way these three pigs live inspired an series “Alpha House.” They should have called it the Three Little Pigs…

I know I am surprised at how these alleged leaders live but I guess I really shouldn’t be.

They treat their home just like they treat our country.

And that is why they should be sent packing…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Pig Is The New Democrat Symbol”

  1. Blake says:

    Perhaps they might be unsure of their jobs, ergo the “transient”, or homeless look-
    Just sayin’—