The People’s Republik Of Maryland Led By “Adolph” O’Malley

Gun control does not work and even if it did the Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms. In fact, it says that right shall NOT be infringed. The Governor of Maryland is following the lead of the anti American Governor of New York with draconian, and unconstitutional, gun legislation. In fact, it looks like Martin O’Malley is trying to one up Cum-o of NY. I guess he feels he needs to out Socialist the guy because both are mentioned as possible contenders for the presidency (God help us).

Martin O’Malley is anti American, period. He is trying to violate the rights of law abiding citizens with laws that will not do one damn thing to stop violence. Nothing proposed in the bill will stop violence and it will not prevent an incident like the one that happened in Connecticut, period.

But that is not stopping the Governor who is channeling his inner Hitler in order to intimidate people into compliance. Certain firearms, that the state calls assault weapons, (that is a fabricated name to make them sound scary) will be banned. Anyone who owns one prior to the ban can keep it but must register it with the state. Why does the state need firearms registered? So it can confiscate them when the next round of anti gun laws are brought to bear. If some tragedy occurs then the state will say it must now take those firearms and it will know where to go. The law forces compliance by enacting a high fine and minimum REQUIRED jail sentence of 5 years.

Hitler did that when he took over countries. Signs were posted indicating people had 24 hours to turn in all firearms or they would go to jail. Those who turned them in late were shot. Some who were found later were shot or jailed. Hitler’s forces were able to use the records from conquered areas to determine who had the firearms. The same kind of gun registration was tried here prior to America’s entry into WWII and it was shot down. Maryland’s anti American governor is doing the same thing. It is all about controlling people. But, but, that could not happen here. Tell the Japanese Americans from WWII that it could not happen. Tell the Native Americans that government will not disarm you and then murder you.

Do you really think government will not abuse a database or use it in a fashion that is not allowed?

O’Malley happens to be a small minded pathetic little man with a god complex. He is an elitist who thinks he knows better than the rubes he was elected to lead. He has ignored his oath of office and he has abused the power he was given by the people. He seems to have forgotten that government derives its just power from the consent of those governed. Violating our rights is not a just power.

O’Malley and Obama are two peas in a pod. Obama is reportedly using a new litmus test to determine which officers will stay in the military. If they say they will obey orders to fire on Americans then they can stay. Those who will not will be shown the door.

How long will it be before Martin O’Malley has his National Guard and police forces training to disarm citizens and fire on them to accomplish that task?

I put nothing past this guy. He is a lowlife who claims that we need to save the children while supporting murder in the womb.

It is going to get very ugly around here if agents of the state fire on the people. I guess they will feel like it is alright because any new gun laws here will produce a whole new class of criminals; those who refused to comply.

Martin O’Malley is surrounded by armed police officers, who are paid for by taxpayers, to protect his sorry butt. Why is he any more important than the rest of us? Why are they armed with things the rest of us will be prohibited from owning?

It is always easy for those who are protected by armed guards to tell the rest of us we don’t need guns for protection.

New York is getting more totalitarian


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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7 Responses to “The People’s Republik Of Maryland Led By “Adolph” O’Malley”

  1. Joe says:

    Maryland…One State; One Party; One F├╝hrer

    I propose for the new state motto: If you will dream it, we will tax it

  2. LD Jackson says:

    It would seem that the decision of the Supreme Court that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right is being ignored by the states. Many have pushed the idea that gun control is an issue for the states to handle and they may be right. Having said that, there are many states who seem hell-bent on restricting the 2nd Amendment as much as possible. I can’t help but wonder if a lot of people who live in those states and believe in the 2nd Amendment may be moving to states that are more receptive to the Constitution.

  3. Vxnschatzee says:

    This should be unbelievable but I put nothing past O’Malley – one of the biggest criminals in the freaking State. There is a mandatory 5 year sentence for use of a gun in a crime of violence. (Usually no fines are assessed because the “vunable” is going to jail and/or has no means of paying. Now a required sentence of five years for not registering your firearm? Are you serious? They are truly treating gun owners as if they are criminals – even worse in fact. High fines (that they will garnish out of the little pay you have left after the stupid taxes) and levy you to high heaven and then stick you in jail. For exercising your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Not breaking a law, not hurting anybody, just minding your own business. Yeah, government has gotten way too big. I think it’s time to take these entitled goons down a notch – or several.

  4. Virgina says:

    Real shame that Obama got elected again. Something stinks about that election, is there really that many dumbasses in this country to put that piece of crap back in office? I am still in shock.

  5. Virgina says:

    Time to stop talking and Impeach Obama and his fellow Anti-American liberals.

  6. Blake says:

    All of you- MOVE TO TEXAS! This place will never submit to der fuhrer with the jug ears-