The Party Of Intolerance On Air Amerika Comrade

Mike Malloy of Air America verbally attacked Blogs for Bush writer Mark Noonan for a piece that Noonan wrote about the DeLay indictment. Noonan wrote that the left has moved away from politics where parties argued over items and listened to the voter and moved toward a party that uses all out attacks, unfounded at that, to win. Malloy took exception to Noonan’s assertions that the activities of the left are the kinds of things that result in civil war.

Malloy went out of his way to insult Noonan for his opinions. I guess this is standard Air America training because Al Franken attacks, usually physically, anyone who does not agree with him. I think Franken is a coward but Malloy is much more so. He takes swipes at people on the radio in the relative safety of his studio. Malloy suggested that Noonan “should have the crap beat out of him.” I have never met either man but I would bet Noonan would slap Malloy so hard his grandkids would be born silly. So Mr. Malloy, if you really feel that way would you like to be the first to try? I agree with Noonan. Want to give me a go? You can bring Franken with you. Now I am not for picking a fight but you suggested the violence, I am just giving you the opportunity to try it. Or would you rather be a coward and suggest that others do your dirty work?

Perhaps though, this was all planned for a reason. Malloy and Air America have more people reading about them on the Internet than listen to them everyday. This was probably a ploy to get more attention and let people know they are actually on the air, though one wonders why (where does the money come from, Al?).

I have communicated with Mark Noonan in the past and he seems like a pretty decent guy. I know that what he writes upsets the left. Adam likes to use his quotes for his anti-conservative point of view. However, just because Noonan writes something that the other side does not agree with is no reason to advocate violence against him. Are these not the same moonbats who said that preemptive strikes were wrong? Violence is not the answer and all kinds of other hand holding prattle. Perhaps what they really mean is that violence is not the answer as long as you agree with us. The shame of it is that guys like this get to say pretty much what they want each and everyday. Couple their lunacy with the slime that spews from Howie Dean’s mouth and you have a hypocritical point of view from the donks. Not that this surprises me in the least.

There is an audio link to this guy and what he said at B4B. You can listen to the moonbat serenade there. Funny thing is, more people probably heard it on the web than heard it when it first aired.

Why don’t we see if we can get a tag team match, no holds barred. Noonan and I in the RED corner and Malloy and Franken in the BLUE. It will be another GOP rout. It won’t be pretty with Malloy and Franken lying there with their yellow spines removed from the waste of human flesh that is their existence. Oh, and have a nice day.

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3 Responses to “The Party Of Intolerance On Air Amerika Comrade”

  1. Randy says:

    The Truth About Mike Malloy…

    “On the House: The Bizarre Killing of Michael Malloy” hits the shelves Oct. 4. It’s the true story of a Depression-era drunk who thwarted numerous attempts on his life. All except the last one, that is. The author’s web site is Cheers.

  2. Surfside says:

    Yes, the Dems have become the intolerant party of tolerance and the violent party of anti-violence. I’d be happy to offer my services for a pre-Main Event match and take on Landrieu. I’ll bet, though, she fights like a girlie girl — for all her tough talk. She could surely use a good butt whooping.

  3. Adam says:

    Play nice kids.