The Overlords In Congress Have It Easy

They claim they are just like us and they pretend to be of the people but members of Congress are the overlords and they have a much easier time of things. This is, in part, because they are not subject to the laws they pass for us to follow. The Obamacare debacle is a primary example.

First of all they ensured they were eligible for up to 75% of their premiums to be paid for by taxpayers. No other worker is in the exchange with employer support. They are in and paying the entire freight or they are getting a tax credit (at the expense of taxpayers). Members of Congress voted to exempt themselves.

Now, they are not having any trouble signing up because they have special access phone numbers and people from the insurance companies sitting at the Capitol to help them get all signed up.

In addition, the lawmakers have a much larger selection of plans from which to choose. They have 112 Gold Plan options which is many times more than the serfs for whom they work have access to.

These cretins forced this on America and then ensured they were treated like royalty.

We need to vote them all out of office for this.

They work for us and we need to make sure they know that.

Of course they will flash some shiny beads during the next election and the low information voters will reelect them and then cry that they are getting screwed.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Overlords In Congress Have It Easy”

  1. Vxnschatzee says:

    And now they have invoked the “nuclear option” to stack the very courts that will be hearing the inevitable cases brought based on this disasterous and unconstitutional law. Making sure that whether they lose the Senate or not, Obama’s legacy (and our country’s downfall) is safe. Disgusting – I am appalled at the lack of outrage and uprising in response to this oligarchial behavior. (And since Barrack Who’sInsane Obama is ruling by executive fiat, soon to be monarchy…)