The Other Rich Need To Do Something

Moochelle Obama was out on the campaign trail, no doubt proud of her country for the first time in her life, and she was talking about how the rich need to do more for the poor. She is likely unaware that the top 50% of wage earners (the rich would be located at the top of that group) pay all the federal income taxes in this country and the bottom 50% get that tax money in the form of social programs. She is also probably not aware that social programs enacted by Democrats have enslaved people to government and kept them from achieving.

Obama asked:

“Will we be a country where success is limited to the few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.” Washington Examiner

Obama is not aware that success is not limited to the few at the top. Anyone in America who has the desire and the education can succeed. What Obama really means is are we going to allow people on welfare to get fewer benefits because the rich are already taxed too much? Yes, the rich pay most of the federal taxes in this country and progressives have redistributed that money for all kinds of unconstitutional and unnecessary programs in the name of social justice.

They do not care that their programs keep people enslaved. Let me rephrase, they care but not for the reasons sane people would. They care because they want, no they NEED, people to be enslaved to government. It is how they continue to get people voting for them and their agenda to rob the rich to pay the poor. Theirs is a plan that has always led to failure. It has taken nearly a century but the failure of Democrat social programs becomes more evident each day. It will only get worse.

The ironic thing is that Obama and her hubby, Barack, are both rich and they also live life high on the hog on taxpayer money. Moochelle goes on expensive vacations (16 in the last three years, some with her husband, some without) that cost the taxpayers lots of money. The argument that it is part of the gig does not hold water. We are in tough economic times and we cannot afford such extravagance. If Obama and her hubby want people to sacrifice (they keep saying we all need to sacrifice – shared sacrifice they call it) they need to lead by example. Every few weeks she is off on another trip with hoards of people and he is on a golf course someplace. Sacrifice, yes for you but not for them. They are American royalty, after all.

Another ironic thing is that Moochelle was saying all of this to people who are very wealthy and who paid a lot of money to hear her talk. The money was raised to help keep her husband in office.

It was probably a drop in the bucket since Barack has been using billions of dollars in taxpayer money to buy votes and get donations. His waste of taxpayer money on green energy companies that end up going out of business and leaving the taxpayer with billions in losses is a scheme to get him more campaign cash. This is also true of his union bailouts and gifts of taxpayer money.

This group of thugs is a criminal enterprise. It is nothing more than Chicago style politics and that means it is corrupt from beginning to end.

Maybe instead of asking the wealthy to sacrifice more than they already have Moochelle could ask unpatriotic folks who pay NO taxes to pony up and get some skin in the game.

And maybe she and hubby could give up those expensive meals they love to stuff in their faces

It is hard to discuss how we are all better off by having the rich sacrifice more when the Obamas routinely eat $150 a POUND Wagyu steak.

Moochelle does not care if we are all better off as long as she is better off.

I guess she is living in one of those two Americas John Edwards used to talk about.

And you can bet your paycheck that it is not the poor one and that she wants to stay there and that she does not care where you are.

It is how progressives work. They use class warfare to pit people against each other. They pretend to worry about the poor while pushing policies that keep people in poverty (or in the case of Barack, put even more people in poverty) and they work hard to make sure they are wealthy and remain that way.

Let’s fire them in November and put some people with class in the White House.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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