The Only Unity Was the Town’s Name

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had a unification meeting in a place called Unity, New Hampshire where they pretended to bury the hatchet in order to bring the party together in a big effort to beat John McCain in November. The two have not been together since about a month ago when Clinton suspended her campaign and vowed to help Obama win. I did not believe her then and I do not believe her now.

The Clintons are sore losers and the idea that an inexperienced, first term Senator with nothing more than the gift of gab could beat them is grating on their nerves. Bill Clinton has taken to other tasks rather than be involved in anything where he has to discuss the recent primary because he usually says things that sound more like sour grapes than thoughtful analysis. He went to a party for Nelson Mandella where he barely acknowledged the existence of Oprah Winfrey, a person with whom he once had a good friendship. She backed Obama and he did not like that. Bill might say he will support Obama but he will not work too hard to do it.

A large number of Clinton supporters are saying they will not back Obama and though I am sure that number will decrease by the time election day rolls around, there will still be a number of them who will stay home or will vote for McCain. Obama needs the Hillary supporters if he is to stand a chance of winning so he gains from the uncomfortable relationship with the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton has about 20 million dollars in campaign debt that she needs retired (and God knows she does not want to spend her own money to do it) so she needs the Obama campaign and its money to help settle the bills. She will play along with this uncomfortable pairing in order to get her bills paid. She will even give the appearance of being a good little storm trooper and going along with the Obama nomination but she (or more likely her surrogates) will be working in the background to help get Obama defeated. Hillary would love to see Obama lose (and the worse he loses the better) so she could say “I told you so” to the DNC and run in 2012.

But Hillary needs to be careful. She needs to give the appearance that she is supporting Obama and that she wants to defeat McCain. Any member of the Democratic plantation who utters anything that goes against the grain will be met harshly. Ask Debra Bartoshevich, a national delegate who supported Clinton but has not consumed the Obama Kool Aid. She stated that she would vote for McCain in November and now she is no longer a delegate. Hillary cannot cross the gods at the DNC (more than she has by dragging out the primary) and she certainly cannot give he appearance of screwing over Obama until her debt is paid and the convention is over, but her people can work behind the scenes.

I have no doubt in my military mind that the Clintons want Obama to lose and to lose badly. I also have no doubt that Obama wants the Clintons to just keep quiet and not help “too much.” In any event the Unity meeting was nothing more than a facade to bring all the other little Dems into line and get them to vote for Obama. They might talk like friends but there are still a lot of bitter feelings (more so on the Clinton side) and there will always be discomfort when they are together.

Keep this in mind little Democrats, the Clintons do not want Obama to win but they do not want to appear as if they are destroying the party. They will work in the background to squash Obama and his presidential aspirations.

The only thing that had anything to do with Unity during the meeting is the name of the town where they met.

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5 Responses to “The Only Unity Was the Town’s Name”

  1. Ellie says:

    Why do you make up lies? Obama & Hillary have met privately several times at Feinstein’s house and the in the days preceding the Unity event. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but no one is going to read your stuff when it is totally inaccurate. Hillary is only seeking help with the $10M in debt that is owed to vendors and is asking people to dontate towards the $12M she loaned to her campaign. Hillary and Barack ARE good friends and have been for a long time. When Barack was 32, he worked to help Bill Clinton win Illinois. Hillary campaigned for Barack in 2004 and Barack canmpaigned for Hillary in 2006. The rest of your piece is nonsense. Hillary does not want McCain to win. Only right wing extremists think like that. She really does have core beliefs and so does Obama. Good luck.

  2. Schatzee says:

    I hate to disagree with Ellie but I think your post is right on. I think she’s playing nice to stay in the good graces of her fellow dems and get her money paid back. I personally believe that she wants him to fall flat on his face miserably and publicly. I don’t care what anyone says – the only friends the Clintons have are people who can do something for them and then they have no use for them when they don’t. I also believe she should have to pay that money out of her own pocket – but that’s just MHO.

  3. Bosun says:

    Good job, my friend…..Hillary is only seeking help with the $10M in debt that is owed to vendors and is asking people to dontate towards the $12M she loaned to her campaign. She is friendly with him because she needs to money (pimping???). Meanwhile her husband, Billdillary, is at it again. According to World Net Day, a senior Democrat adviser who worked for Bill Clinton apparently said the former president is so enraged by the primary campaign that he has told friends Obama will have to beg for his full support (kiss King-Maker Clinton’s royal arse). Source:

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  4. Bosun says:

    For Ellie, Clinton is looking at being the come back kid in 2012. If the liberal democrat errr republicrat McCain wins, he is a one term Prez. Clinton Inc can lick their wounds and nurse themselves back to health, and, come back in 2012 with a vengence. I believe that you got your talking points from you favorite radio station, Air America :). What do I know anyway.

    Bosuns last blog post..Russian bombers step up provocative flights – 18 incursions in past year

  5. Right on the money again!

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