The Old White Party, Now That’s Rich

Frank Rich, one of the idiots at the New York Times, has an opinion piece entitled The Grand Old White Party, where he discusses the GOP and John McCain. He depicts the GOP as a bunch of angry white men who exploit blacks in the south and southern racism in order to hold onto to power. With Rich, everything that happened in history is racially motivated. Rich seems to think that Barack Obama brings a fresh face to politics and that fresh face shows the GOP to be even more tied to its “racist” past than before.

Never mind that it was the Republican Party that ended slavery because even the blacks seem to have forgotten that as they have continually registered as Democrats for decades. Rich is heaping all this GOP, angry white racists, on his readers while ignoring that in this primary season it has been the whites in the Democratic Party who have been injecting race. Joe Biden and his comments, Bill Clinton and his and any number of others who question if Obama can win because he is black. Instead of focusing on the racism in the Democratic Party and the angry white men there (like Robert “sheets” Byrd, former KKK member), Rich wants to show the GOP as not being inclusive because it has no black members in the House or Senate. Rich is too stupid to understand that blacks make up about 13% of the population and 90% of that group generally (with few exceptions) votes Democrat (especially in presidential races). Therefore, there are not very many blacks available to run for office on the GOP side. What I would ask is, given the huge number of blacks who are Democrats how come their numbers are not larger among the Democrats in the House and the Senate?

I understand that Rich is a liberal and that he has drunk the liberal kool-aid. I can understand he is one who probably gets weak kneed when Obama speaks and is probably all ga ga at the prospect of voting for a woman or a black man. But what he is doing in this piece is shilling for Obama. First he shows the GOP as racists who do not include blacks and then he shows McCain as an angry white guy who has better opinions than most in the GOP because he has said things that Rich believes to be correct such as the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism. That is patently stupid and it is obviously wrong. The Confederate Flag is NOT a symbol of racism, it is a symbol a bunch of apologists have assigned to racism. The civil war was not about racism and it was not about slavery (though without slavery there might not have been a war). But I digress, we can discuss the North’s war of aggression on the South some other time.

The entire opinion piece seems, to me at least, to be designed to build up Obama’s bonafides while casting the GOP as a group of racists so that when the general election comes anything used against Obama will be seen as a racist attack. It is designed to paint the GOP as out of touch with a country that has evolved to be so much more inclusive now that a woman and a black are fighting it out. In Rich’s world, the GOP is out of touch because it does not embrace the failed polices of liberalism (which has been called a mental disorder). The people who belong to the GOP have no problem with a black or a woman being president, just not this black (OK, half black) and that woman. We would be against these two if they were white men because we do not like the message. The vessel the message comes in is not important to the equation.

Of course, Rich thought John Edwards look presidential. It stands to reason that in Rich’s new diverse world a feminine looking and acting man would be presidential. Since Rich is big into stereotypes (but only when attacking the GOP) let me stereotype. Edwards looks like a faggot and is not presidential. Hillary looks more manly than Edwards (and many other men as well, the lesbians love that).

Before Frank Rich starts attacking the GOP for what he believes is our out of step and racist policies perhaps he should look at his own party and get them straight first. Besides the racial overtones from both camps (the Clintons and their racist remarks and the Obama supporters with the notion that not voting for Obama makes one a racist) there are plenty of party elders who are angry old white guys. Over half of the Super Delegates are old white establishment guys and they could very well decide the nomination in favor of Hillary Clinton even if Obama is leading at the time. Interestingly, the angry white guy who will lose for the GOP big time in 2008 (our demise according to Rich) is also the demographic that could be the undoing of the Democratic Party. If the party elders screw Obama, blacks might finally see what they actually mean to their party and flock to the GOP or stay home.

In either case, the Democrats would lose across the board in November. Nothing would be sweeter than to have the Democratic Party break apart in this fashion. They have used covert racism for decades to keep blacks under their thumbs. Yes, programs like affirmative action which the GOP hates, is nothing more than the left telling blacks they are not good enough to compete on their own so they need help. Just like welfare, public housing, minority business preferences, and a myriad of programs designed to help out blacks because they, according to their handlers in the Democratic Party, are not able to do anything without help. Covert racism plain and simple. It will be good to finally see the Democrats come out of the closet (to use a phrase espoused by another heavily Democratic demographic) at their national convention and show their racism right out in the open.

I wonder what Frank Rich will have to say then? Won’t matter because if his circulation keeps dropping the only people who will know what he thinks are the latte drinkers who hang out with him at Starbucks…

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “The Old White Party, Now That’s Rich”

  1. Debbie says:

    Obama presents unique situation, he’s not REALLY Black, he’s 1/2 Black and 1/2 White. Of course he is being referred to as Black, so let’s go with that. However, he seems to USE his White blood when it suites him, just as he uses his Muslim/African connections when it suits him. He’s scary, no other way to say it.

    It’s NOT because he’s Black, not because he’s l/2 Black, it’s his mystical magnetism on his followers. Never in my life has such a potential leaders of the free world existed. Color me …. worried.

    Debbie’s last blog post..Email From Obama Supporter

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  4. Virginia says:

    Ahh! once again, brilliant. Great article Bigdog. Keep up the good work, you make my day, everyday.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Virginia!!

  6. Schatee says:

    I am with Debbie on this one – I find Obama scary. Not because of his race or that he’s biracial, whatever. First of all, I can’t figure out for the life of me what he stands for. I mean I hear him talk but get nothing from it. It’s soothing like the adults in the Peanuts cartoon (wah wah wah wah wah). But I get no real hint of meaning or definition of a stand on anything. That is very scary.

    Second – I know people refute any Muslim leanings in his past but I have to question that myself. I have heard some say that Islam is going to try to take over our country from within. Maybe I’m paranoid – or maybe they really are out to get us (DUH). But having someone who sympathizes (or God Forbid – follows along) with Muslims is very, very scary.
    I think the saddest part of this whole situation is that people, often liberals, are stating that they are voting for Hillary because they want the girls to win or Obama because a black man should finally make it (whatever that means). Somehow they’ve forgotten about the whole point being what the person stands for not what they look like or where they came from. Is it me or are some people missing the boat that this is not the vote for feminism or black power or equal rights but the leader of the whole US. Now that, my friends, is scary as hell.

  7. heartnspirit says:

    Free your minds of ‘race, man or woman,etc., crap’… Free yourselves from tearing others down and Build-Up! … so you can free and have ‘a conscious’, – so you can free your heart and have a ‘soul’. ” Embrace the differences “.
    A President can’t fix or save americans mind, hearts, and souls…
    for purple is a color, green is a color, black is a color, white is a color, beige is a color, bronze is a color, tan, pink, red, on and on … no ends to ‘color’ !
    ” USA AND AROUND THE WORLD… EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL- ARE PEOPLE OF ‘COLOR’… and ‘a name’? How many different names, types of people, from different countries, in America?
    *Separations- has caused- Devastations., as, Evils begets Evils….
    With minds conditioned, buried into such, their can be no time, space, words, nor recognition for anything as ‘love, peace and harmony, truth ‘!… Unless we open/free our hearts minds and souls…. we’re ‘creating’ – Dooms-Day… it won’t take any act of nature, or any God.

    MANY OF DIFFERENT RELIGIONS, TYPES, AND RACE VOTED, for one or the other… it’s not about color for color… It’s about the needs of the people,those whom work together to maintain some substance and respect!…to pull our country up to a level to be ‘proud’ of!!…to be ‘respected for’!!

    One color, tears down another color… One race tears down another race… One religion tears down another religion… One size, tears down another size… One name, tears down another name, One appearance, tears down another appearance, One liberal, tears down another… One conservative, tears down another, One sex, tears down/belittle another sex, One person, tears down another person, One child, tears down another child, On and On , a deadly- slow cancer, that breeds … and breeds into… tearing down selves, A Debate ‘called’ A Debate… Yet, Only an invite to tear down another… tearing down good-true leaders, tearing down examples for our youth, … tearing down our country.

    When one is caught in a fire about to burn, and another reaches to pull/carry em out , it’s not the ‘race,religion,male or female, that the mind in need sees, it’s the ‘heart’ that someone-human’… shows/gives care and can help em live, and not leave em to burn. ‘DO UNTO OTHERS-AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU/SELF’… something far too many have forgotten or never learned!

    This has become more then saddening….. !!!!!!!!! and to hear that Clinton is pushing for more fight-crap, in name of debate !?!…. Who knows?,for maybe that man, Obama, won’t speak any clarity to us, due to all that fight the other projects – that slips into & ends up being of no needed issues, just trippy-competition,disrespect,hungry need for control, just plain negative. Maybe he knew before hand, cause he was avoiding it from the start and look how worst it’s become on anything that comes out his mouth or can be painted dark and no light !! It’s a shame and sad !!