The October Surprise Where Is Obama From?

This is an interesting video. The man in it is a Democrat and he has a lawsuit against Barack Obama. In it you will hear him say that a motion to dismiss has been filed by Obama and the DNC. That motion was denied so Obama will have to produce the documents. If Obama is a citizen, why not just produce the papers?

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “The October Surprise Where Is Obama From?”

  1. Adam says:

    Funny how there’s always just one more document Obama HAS to release or he’s a fraud!

    A helpful hint from over at

    Step 1: Find five or six feet of heavy duty aluminum foil.
    Step 2: Fold the aluminum foil several times, making a 12 inch square with the shiny side out.
    Step 3: Cut the foil from one side to the center in a straight line.
    Step 4: Bend the foil with one side under the other to make a cone shape, leaving the shiny side showing.
    Step 5: Place the cone shaped tin foil hat on the head and adjust the fit by mashing the foil against the head.
    Step 6: Tape the cut you made in the foil securely closed.
    Step 7: Punch holes in each side of the hat with a pencil, ball point pen or tip of scissors.
    Step 8: Place rope, twine, ribbon or any other string-like material through the holes and tie snugly under the chin.
    Step 9: Demand even more evidence Obama is a natural born citizen despite all current evidence to the contrary.

  2. Bosun says:

    Big Dog, the majority of Americans no longer care what truth really is. We have transgressed into a politically correct apologist and appeasement soup of ****. This may be the beginning of the end of our once great and proud nation.

  3. Christinewjc says:

    Phillip J. Berg has been interviewed quite extensively during a MyFox Toledo T.V. news interview.

    He claims that this lawsuit against Obama will NOT go away and will end up being a Constitutional crisis that may even need to be settled beyond election day.

    So far, the Toledo T.V. interview is the only break in the “Media of Mass Deception” lies. It’s just a crack in the wall of separation between the sham of Obama’s run for the presidency and the media’s deliberate distortions and “positive spin” on everything – but it may prove to be the ultimate game changer in this election.

    I have been praying constantly for God to intervene and save us from the onslaught of Obamination. Perhaps this is the tool that He will use to set us free from the deceptions of Obama and the media that refuses to accurately report and vet him.

  4. Big Dog says:

    What evidence to the contrary? The COLB was a forgery and that has been proven by real experts, not Annenburg rejects.

    His grandmother said she was with him in Kenya when he was born. There is evidence that his mother was not allowed to fly when she was 9 months pregnant, gave birth in Kenya and then flew to Hawaii and registered the birth. There is evidence that his citizenship was removed when he went to Indonesia and became a citizen of that country.

    He could clear this up by releasing the long version of his birth certificate, the one that tells everything. It has to be real and not photoshopped like the last thing released.

    It is a Democrat that filed the lawsuit and the judge wants to see the evidence.

    We as Americans deserve to see the evidence and no I will not just take his word for it. John McCain provided all he was asked for and cooperated with the lunatics who said he was ineligible to run. Why don’t we have the same standard for Obama?

  5. Adam says:

    If you get to step 8 and it doesn’t seem right just go back to Step 1 and start over. There’s plenty left on the roll for everybody.

  6. Christinewjc says:

    Hey Adam,

    Big Dog has a great point. The question is – if Obama has nothing to hide, why won’t he show his documentation to the court??

    When John McCain’s eligibility to run for president was questioned (his father was in military and he was born in the Panama Canal area – but both parents were American citizens so there is no question about his “natural born status”) he immediately provided the proof of his legitimate citizenship!

    I see that you tend to ignore the many scandals surrounding Obama. How about the evidence found that he lied about writing his book -“Dreams of My Father?”

    Obama is surrounded by scandal. However, the “Media of Mass Deception” won’t expose them because they are 98% liberal and want Obama to win the election – no matter how much corruption, lies, and scandals are related to him!

    For the latest scandals see these links:

    Widening Election Fraud allegations against Obama: Voter intimidation in Texas

    Obama’s ties to an unrepentant domestic terrorist – William Ayers (who escaped prosecution due to technicalities) has been all over the Internet. It is very troubling that Obama has huge ties with such a ruthless person.

    Also, Obama has lied about being the author of his book, “Dreams of My Father.”

    You can add to the growing list of Obama deceptions that it appears that William Ayers was actually the author of Obama’s “Dreams of My Father” book.

    Here are links to articles about this discovery:

    More proof Ayers ghosted “Dreams”

    Bill Ayers’ motive for penning “Dreams”

    Deconstructing the text

    Real author of Barack’s book: Why it matters

    Cashill’s conclusion in his “why it matters” essay is bone-chilling:

    Excerpt from article:

    Not an ill word is said about the demonstrably murderous thugs Ayers holds up as heroes: Castro, Che, Ho Chi Minh, or even Mao, the greatest monster of the 20th century.

    As to the three clowns who blew themselves up in 1970 in their Greenwich Village townhouse, Ayers wonders out loud how it will take before America “imagines their actions as heroic.”

    For the record, the three Weathermen, including Ayers’ then girlfriend, Diana Oughton, were finishing up an anti-personnel bomb designed to kill non-coms and their dates at a dance that night at Fort Dix.

    Ayers, by the way, is a “distinguished professor” in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He teaches our teachers how to teach our children.

    That Obama had anything to do with this man should disqualify him for the presidency. At the end of the day, the only difference between Bill Ayers and Tim McVeigh is competence.

    Obama dissembles lethally when he describes Ayers as “just some guy in my neighborhood.” He is much more than that and quite possibly, as I have argued, the real author of “Dreams From My Father.”

    The publisher of “Dreams,” the openly liberal Peter Osnos, tells how Obama dumped his devoted long time agent after “Dreams” took off and then signed a seven-figure deal with Crown, using only a by-the-hour attorney.

    Obama pulled off the deal after his election but before being sworn in as senator, this way to avoid the disclosure and reporting requirements applicable to members of Congress.

    To his credit, Osnos publicly scolds Obama for his “ruthlessness” and “his questionable judgment about using public service as a personal payday.”

    Our best hope, if Obama is elected, is that he will throw Ayers under the proverbial bus as he threw his agents and numerous others.

    Our worst fear, however, is that a President Obama will prove to be the “Mansourian Candidate” and that he will continue to play the useful dummy to evil ventriloquists like Bill Ayers and Khalid Al-Mansour.

    Fasten your seatbelts.

    More proof that Obama didn’t write the book:

    Nautical metaphors could sink Obama

    These men – Ayers and Obama – are both hopeless, anti-American, traitorous, and deceitful liars!!!

  7. ADB says:

    Personally, it kind of surprises me that more Democrats don’t want to know his background, either.

    On one hand, I can understand, because God forbid “The Messiah” is disqualified.

    On the other hand, talk about an embarrassment to the Democratic party if Obama is elected and then it’s discovered that he’s a fraud. Think another Democrat will ever get elected again after that? Time will tell.

  8. Christinewjc says:

    Big Dog,

    Your blog states that my latest comment is still “awaiting moderation.” It was a bit long (sorry about that!) with several links so maybe it went into spam?

    Keep up the great work you are doing here!

    Your blogging fan and friend,

  9. hdrk05 says:

    Adam since you know the steps to the foil hats you make them while you drool over “THE ONE”
    It amazes me that you can just brush aside everything as it is given and claim he should not have to show proof of citizenship. You have to prove who you are to get a license but its okay to take his word for it so he can run this country (into the depths of hell). If he has nothing to hide why all the bull?

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  11. Maky says:

    America is a place where you can become who ever you wants too, work hard get big big and bigger opportunity. i don’t know where this gossip come from. We love America long live America and obama is real change for all of us. Obama is running for president means a loot for the minority, when i see obama i feel like there is nothing in your way in America to become one beside working hard. he is smart we all know that!!!!!!

  12. Nikki says:

    I agree that if he is an American citizen why doesnt he show us his birth records? I mean the people that voted for this man did they even worry about the fact that he wouldn’t show the court his birth documents and that his mentor for 20 years taught Obama to hate america? I mean come on Rush says thre thruth and so does this website! Kepp up the good work!