The Obama Sequester End Game

Barack Obama’s sequester is set to kick in on Friday and there appears to be no stopping it from taking place. This means that about 85 billion dollars will be cut from the growth in the budget (not the actual budget but what they said they would spend) and about 48 billion of that will come from the Defense Department. Obama and his Democrats could easily cut items that do not affect people but have chosen to cut where it will hurt the most. In the DOD 800,000 people will lose 20% of their salary when furloughs start at the end of April. This is being done to hurt people and there is a reason for it.

Obama wants people to hurt and he wants to pin the blame on Republicans. Obama came up with the sequester but he will put the blame on others.

No surprise there.

He wants voters to be angry with Republicans so they will be voted out in 2014 and Obama can have a majority in Congress. Then he can run roughshod over the country.

There is also another reason Obama chose to hurt people. He needs people to hurt so he can claim that cuts to government hurt people so there can be no more cuts and taxes have to be raised.

Imagine how bad it would be for Democrats if the cuts took place and no one noticed. Imagine how it would be portrayed if those cuts were so painless that people began demanding more in the way of cuts. That can’t be allowed to happen if you are a big government socialist like Obama. He needs people to get hurt so he can brainwash them into thinking big government is the answer and that there is no spending problem (after all, we need the spending to prevent people from being hurt) and that the problem is revenue.

Obama got his revenue increase and it is far above the amount of the looming cuts. The entire cut amounts to about 2.5 cents of every dollar of the projected spending. The government could easily cut 2.5% from spending (the growth in spending) and not even feel it.

That is why they are targeting people and programs that directly help people. Obama needs to inflict maximal pain to push his agenda.

This guy who so many believe cares for people is a cold and calculating political monster who cares nothing about anyone. He cares for his agenda and socialism and that is all.

So if you support him and his cuts hurt you then you got what you voted for and what you deserve. If you don’t support him and get hurt then you will have to suck it up and do the best you can.

Strong people will come through the other side intact. The weak will be worse off because their baby daddy in government is spanking them.

Deliberately harming people is wrong and the mark of a true beast.

Maybe someone in Congress can make one of the cuts the executive Air Force that ferries people like Obama and his vacation addicted wife around. Be kind of nice to see them stuck in DC actually having to do something.

Anyone with some testicular fortitude on the right side of the aisle willing to make this cut?

I doubt it. They will probably cave and give king dufus all that he wants.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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3 Responses to “The Obama Sequester End Game”

  1. LD Jackson says:

    Obama’s rhetoric on the sequester should serve as a reminder of just how callous and uncaring the man really is. Anyone who cares so little about the American people that they would use them in such a blatantly political manner does not deserve to be in the White House.

  2. Vxnschatzee says:

    I know it’s fiction but anybody see the movie “Dave”? In it the fake prez enlists the help of someone who is an accountant to look over the country’s budget and make cuts. (Of course in the movie this is to find money for another entitlement kind of program but I digress…) I think we need someone objective who can sit down and look at the money in and out realistically and make cuts to things that make sense and are Constitutionally warranted. As indicated, the jetting back and forth by the first family could be cut as well as the rest of Congress. We should not be paying for their cars, their transportation, their parking, or housing. They have offices (that we pay for) and can live there for all I care. Perhaps then they would not make this job a career but an honor as it is meant to be.

    This may not sound like a lot but I think it would start putting a dent and put the hurting where it belongs – on the people that got us into this situation to begin with. I’ve said over and over again that we have an untapped voluntary workforce sitting around waiting for something to do (like things that we have to cut from the budget). Everyone receiving some type of government assistance should be required to work 8 hours a day (at least) doing something helpful (and FREE, so to speak) for the county, state, or federal governement (wherever that money came from). I think that would help – we can’t have people sitting around collecting money for doing nothing more than having babies and getting high and expect them to want to better themselves by actually getting a job and contributing to society.

    We could put people in prison to work as well, making all that crappy stuff we buy from China. We can start cutting back on monies spent in prison by having them grow their own food and prepare, no gym equipment or televisions, etc. That could help at state and local as well as federal levels.

    The problem is not that there is nothing that can be cut – it’s that no one wants to do the cutting. Like BD said, O has to make it hurt so that we, the idiots, will think we need more government and more money to keep our lives going. We can keep our lives going much better without all the interference. They can’t. They need our money to do all the things that they do (including hop around the world for fun).

  3. Blake says:

    Well, the sequester came and went, and O’bammy found out that the government needs the people more than the people need the government- what irony-