The Obama Cover Up

A few weeks ago a US Embassy was attacked and our Ambassador was raped and murdered. Three other people were murdered as well. This all happened on 9/11. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, and Susan Rice as well as many other toadies all claimed that this was carried out in response to an anti Muslim movie that few had actually seen.

It was obvious from the start that this was not about a movie but the regime stuck to that story. It has been shown that security was lax despite many requests for beefed up security. Obama and his people denied additional security to people who were extremely concerned about the situation on the ground. Obama and his people failed to see the need for additional security on, of all days, 9/11.

The regime concocted a lie about a movie and went so far as to arrest an American citizen (the movie maker) because he dared to make this movie and incite Muslims.

But wait, there’s more. The State Department has reported that the movie had nothing to do with the attacks and that it never made such a claim. It is bad enough that a citizen was arrested for exercising free speech but it is even more disgusting that he was arrested based on a lie, a lie that the regime concocted.

Why is the State Department coming clean? Well, people from that department are appearing before Congress today to discuss the situation. I imagine the lower level peons don’t want to get socked with perjury charges.

In any event, Barack Obama lied to America. We are not talking about some minor lie or campaign promise or talking point; we are talking about lying to cover up total and absolute incompetence and failure from Obama. We are talking about a lie designed to cover up inept leadership that resulted in the murder of four Americans.

This is not the first time Obama has lied to cover up his involvement in the death of an American. Obama and Eric Holder lied about the regime’s involvement in Fast and Furious which involved illegal activity by the government that resulted in the death of Brian Terry, a Border Patrol Agent. Obama covered that up by asserting Executive Privilege.

He is not able to do that with regard to the complete foreign policy failure in Libya. Too many people are involved and too many careers will fall.

Obama is in trouble. His next debate with Romney will be on foreign policy. It is obvious that Obama is a failure in that arena and Romney will hammer him on it. Oh, what is that? Obama will keep screaming that he killed Osama bin Laden. Then Romney can come back with, yes, Bin Laden is dead under your watch and so are our Ambassador and three other Americans. The last debate saw the regime spin that Romney lied and could not be trusted. Well, Obama lied about every aspect of this mess in Libya and Romney will be able to point that out.

As for Hillary, she can kiss any chance to run for president goodbye. She was a complete and total failure in this area and most Americans will not trust her to run the country.

It all boils down to this. In 2008 we were asked which of these two we would trust with the 3 am call (there was even an ad asking us). That call came and neither was up to the task.

Someone died and Obama lied…

AP via Yahoo News

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One Response to “The Obama Cover Up”

  1. Blake says:

    With every day that passes under this regime, our precious liberties are eroding away, and have been for far too long, and under BOTH parties.
    The whole liberal plan has been to infiltrate both parties, so that WHOEVER was elected could continue to scrape our rights off of the concrete after they have run them down like a dog.
    Sooner or later, something is gonna have to be done to stop this Constitutional bloodletting from these leeches.