The Nuts Just Keep on Coming

There is a piece in British on line column. The question is raised: Could the tsunami disaster be a turning point for the world?

They asked some famous (or supposedly famous) people what they thought about it. There is a comedian named Bill Bailey. This is his response.

It was the same after 11 September. Everyone said it was a great opportunity to try to understand the world but it was used by the US as a reason to go on a rampaging adventure in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Here we have another jackass telling us that the attack on our country was a chance for us to try to understand the world. Instead it was used to go on a rampaging adventure in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let me spell this out for this lunk head. The 9/11 attack gave us a chance to see the world and we saw it clearly. It is filled with hateful people who want us dead. We tried all that touchy feely stuff every time we were attacked on Clinton’s watch and what did we get for it? More attacks. We were attacked in a deliberate act designed to kill a great deal of people. The tsunami was an act of nature you jackass. As terrible as it is no one did it on purpose though I am sure there will be those who blame it on Bush.

Also, this rampaging adventure through Afghanistan and Iraq were missions to eradicate the terrorists who sponsored the attacks on us. If you want to placate those who want to kill you, go ahead. Look at the poor British woman they beheaded. She was in Iraq for years making it a better country for them and they killed her. They are not peaceful and they do not need us to hold their hands and understand them. They need us to swift, violent justice to them. They need to be sent to meet Allah and answer for their sins. We will make sure they get there and if you want to understand them you probably ought not do it up close.

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