The New Black Panther Vigilante Party

The lawbreaking racists of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) have weighed in on the killing of Trayvon Martin. The NBPP has decided that George Zimmerman, the guy who shot Martin as Martin was allegedly beating him, is a child killer and has issued a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster for Zimmerman.

Never mind that the NBPP, taking its cues from the MSM, has published a 5 year old picture showing Martin as a child rather than the thuggish looking photos from his Facebook page and never mind that the police are investigating the issue and can arrest Zimmerman at any time should the situation warrant it. No, the NBPP has decided that it will play vigilante and has published the poster. The NBPP has also stated it will recruit 10,000 men to hunt Zimmerman down.

Remember how the left focused the blame for the Gifford’s shooting on the right and talk radio? Remember how Sarah Palin was blamed for this and how quickly the MSM toned it down when it was discovered that the shooter was fairly apolitical but his beliefs echoed the left? Look at how the left has blamed Rush Limbaugh and other talk hosts for the shooting of Martin.

Ignoring the fact that the left always finds someone else to blame for something, who will they pin the blame on if the NBPP or one of the mush heads who follows that racist group ends up killing Zimmerman?

Will they blame talk radio or will they place the blame where it belongs and that would be in the hands of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, the NBPP and a number of others who have incited violence by refusing to allow the police to investigate the shooting and to gather all relevant facts in the case. A witness says that the 6’2″ Martin attacked Zimmerman and was on top of him beating him as Zimmerman screamed for help. It was then that Zimmerman shot Martin which seems to me to be a pretty open and shut case of self defense. This might play out differently but the important thing is to let the police investigate.

Zimmerman is in danger from radical black racists who are intent on exacting vigilante justice. It has issued a Dead or Alive poster and there is now a great possibility that one of the morons who follow that group will kill Zimmerman. Will the media call it justified and will we then issue wanted posters for those who kill Zimmerman? When will it stop?

Suppose groups of people issued wanted posters for the blacks who have raped and murdered white people across this nation. There are plenty of examples of this happening with no rallies from the race baiters and certainly no presence of the NBPP calling for the death of the criminals. I imagine that if wanted posters went out the race baiters would then rally to defend the murderers.

Imagine what would have happened if a wanted poster had been issued for the NBPP morons who threatened people at the voting polls in Philadelphia thus violating their right to vote.

Do you think Barack Obama and his racist Attorney General would get involved then?

There is no need for the hype surrounding this case but the stakes get higher each day as the race baiters are allowed to incite violence. This would include the race baiters in the media who continually referred to the shooter as a white man when he is clearly a Hispanic.

Let the police do their jobs and let the facts in this case come forward absent the threats of violence.

If we truly want justice then we need the race baiters to tone it down and stop inciting violence.

If the NBPP ends up killing Zimmerman there will be all kinds of hell to pay in this nation as race relations get set back decades.

UPDATED: The NBPP has offered a 1 million dollar bounty for Zimmerman. These morons are blaming white America. Better be careful what you ask for guys. Where is Obama and his pleas for civility?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “The New Black Panther Vigilante Party”

  1. Adam says:

    Strange how you’re repeating only the reports that make Zimmerman the victim and not Martin. Why is that, when the reports all conflict each other?

    The NBPP is a two-bit hate group and the idea that they’d even have 10,000 people or a million dollars is laughable. They can dream though.

    To suggest their violence would be the fault of someone like Sharpton is to pretend that any group other than NBPP has called for violence instead of simply justice for the dead person.

    And President Obama? He called it a tragedy that needs investigated and was not even taking sides. That’s more or less what you’ve said so I don’t see how Obama would be responsible for NBPP violence.

    • Big Dog says:

      I don’t have to repeat the ones that show Martin as a victim, they are the only ones being portrayed by the MSM. I am pointing to the alternate views and stories because they are not well publicized by the MSM. Keep in mind that it is the MSM that pushes the idea that a white killed a black and it is the MSM that keeps showing a 5 year old picture of him rather than the current pictures that show him more thuggish and acting like a gangsta.

      I see, and ladies and gentlemen, you should too. When a Congresswoman or an abortion doctor is shot or when any other violence takes place it is always the fault of conservative talk radio and TV. It is always the fault of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and others like them and Adam is one of the ones who stokes this misinformation by claiming those very people incited the violence. Let us not forget that Bill Clinton blamed Limbaugh fo rthe OK City bombing and the left blamed conservative talk for that liberal whack job who flew a plane into an IRS building.

      But Now Adam says if there is any violence it would not be someone like Sharpton who happens to be there and talking in veiled terms about violence. Yes, it is Sharpton who has incited vilense several times, violence that has resulted in the death of people. As an aside, Sharpton called a guy a faggot on TV and threatened him. Liberals liek Adam love Sharpton. They blame Limbaugh for violence though he never incited any and excuse Sharpton when he actually has. Farrakhan is also calling for violence and far more than 10,000 people follow that moron.

      When Giffords was shot Obama called for civility and said we needed to act in a more civil manner (though the left never followed that request). When this happened all he did was say that Martin would look like his son (does he mean a thug dressed like a gangsta flipping the bird to people or the 12 year old Martin the media portrays) and said we need reflection. HE HAS NOT CALLED FOR CIVILITY AND HE HAS NOT ASKED PEOPLE TO REFRAIN FROM VIOLENCE.

      He knows the situation is a powderkeg and he knows it could turn violent but he did not address that at all.

      So yes, if there is violence he will share in that.

      And Adam, as I have continually said, none of us know what happened. I have also said we need to let law enforcement do its job without the sideshows and threats of violence. Your admonition needs to go to the MSM. You come back here and post copies of your letters to them asking why they are deceiving people about what Martin looks like or his ethnicity.

      Or are you on board with the whole the kid was an angel bit?

      • Blake says:

        I have a problem with people wearing hoodies in the summer- it makes me think they are afraid to expose their face, lest they be identified- hoodies are for winter, and any other wearing of them raises suspicions of car-jackings, and rapes and murders. Thus, wearing them becomes provocation, at least in my mind.
        I know Adam will rail against this, but if a woman walks through a bad neighborhood at night, wearing a G-string thong and a bra, she is probably going to be seen as a whore.
        Appearances matter.

        • Blake says:

          Besides, Adam- justice will be done- it is just the Black Panther rabblerousers who want it NOW! Justice takes time, and if Zimmerman is truly guilty, he will go to prison. If however, it can be proven that Wright provoked the incident, then the whole incident change, whether the black pussycats like it or not.