The New Black Pansies; The Real Racists

There is uproar over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The facts in the case are not out yet but George Zimmerman has been presumed guilty in the court of racist public opinion. Trayvon is the rallying cry for the race hustlers who are looking for a race war. Each and every day a lot of black people are murdered, mostly by other black people, and those murders go unmentioned by the race hustlers. They really don’t care that blacks are being murdered by other blacks. They especially do not care when whites are murdered by blacks.

George Zimmerman was portrayed as a white and then a white Hispanic by the MSM in order to ramp up racial tension over a case that would get little attention if Zimmerman were black. The race hustlers have flocked to Florida and they want Zimmerman arrested. They have not presumed him innocent as is our custom. They believe he is guilty and should be arrested, end of story, facts and investigations be damned.

Members of Congress, those charged with upholding our Constitution, have declared Zimmerman a murderer and guilty and have demanded he be arrested. These demands are coming from the racist Congressional Black Caucus.

The race baiters want racial tensions going onto the November elections. They want to stoke divisiveness. How many of these people who demand justice have gotten involved in the crime in Baltimore where a white man was beaten, molested and robbed by a group of blacks?

None, because it does not fit the narrative.

The New Black Pansies are out in full force and they have called the shooting of Martin a racist act against the poor black man. While they are decrying this alleged racism they are busy calling white people crackers and honkies. In addition, the pansies (yes I call them that on purpose) say it is time to suit up and boot up and to riot and kill crackers and honkies. This is the video of their racist rants.

The movement was supposed to be 9 April so that never happened. Sounds like a lot of hot air because they understand if they suit up they will get a boot up their asses.

Perhaps if they stayed in school and learned something then basic math would not escape them. The entire black population accounts for about 14% of the total. The entire non black is all the rest and the white (or honky cracker) population is greater than 50% so just by simple math these morons are outnumbered. When one considers that most black folks are not racists and want nothing to do with this stupidity the numbers are even worse.

Hell, all the white hunters in the southern states would be far too many folks for the Pansies to take on.

I am not calling for violence and I do not want to see violence. I figured I had to put that out there because some liberal will read this, ignore the Pansy’s call for violence and say I am inciting violence. This is how liberal’s minds work (or don’t) so I figured I would let them know. There will still be one who accuses me of inciting violence.

The facts are clear. The New Black Pansy Party is gearing up for a race war. They want to riot and they want to kill crackers. That is what they said and I always believe you take people making such claims at their word.

Eric Holder refuses to arrest these folks for their terroristic activities and Big Sis over at DHS refuses to take them on. We all know that if some white supremacist group was out setting bounties on a black guy, calling them racist names and threatening to riot and kill blacks the DHS and the DOJ would be out in full force. Big Sis would label them terrorists and they would be in jail.

But the racists in the Pansy Party are allowed to make threats and to put a bounty out on an American citizen.

What will happen if a black guy murders a white guy and a bounty is placed on his head?

Do I need to answer that for you?

Nah, you already know.

Remember Obama’s racist pastor? He is on the news again for his racist rants. He misinterprets the Bible and makes false claims and he blames whitey for all the troubles in the world. Obama listened to this guy for twenty years and this guy is a racist. You know what they say about the company you keep…

Hold on folks because the ride is going to get bumpy. If the Black Pansies start trouble in Florida there will be lots of folks with firearms ready to stand their ground.

It will not end well for the Pansies.

Has it begun?

A message?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The New Black Pansies; The Real Racists”

  1. Blake says:

    These pansies are welcome to try and kill this “cracker” anytime they think they can grow a pair large enough- this should be fun-
    Bring it on, wussies.