The Muslims are Mostly Right

More than 70% of Muslims from different nations believe the US is trying to weaken and divide the Islamic world. I would say that they are correct on that issue. I believe our goal should be to destroy them completely so that they lack the means to attack us ever again. We should eliminate them so that we do not have to worry about them trying to kill us again. You see, the Muslims want to convert us or kill us and their goal is to impose Sharia law on the US.

Taking a page from their accomplices in the Democratic party, 20% believe that the US was behind the attacks of 9/11:

But the poll found uncertainty about whether al Qaeda was responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States in 2001. Some 20 percent believed the U.S. government was behind the attacks.

This falls in line with idiots like Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of the conspiracy theory nuts who actually believe that our government would do such a terrible thing. The Islamic world has picked up on the help from the left and some of them now believe that the US caused 9/11 as a reason to attack the poor Muzzies.

Seems to me that the Islamic world is always out starting some kind of trouble. The most recent news that while Israel is trying to hold peaceful negotiations Hamas has fired rockets and launched mortars into that country. It seems that the Muzzies can not go too long without starting some kind of trouble and each time Israel tries to negotiate they end up giving up property and then being fired upon. Israel should just go balls to the walls and eliminate all the Muzzies in the region and they will not have to worry about peace talks or being fired upon. Israel should launch a nuclear missile at any country that criticizes them for defending themselves, but I digress.

The Muslim world has a goal of taking over and if left to the hands of the liberals they will do just that. It is time for us to open up in Iraq and mount a huge offensive that kills every living soul that acts hostile and it is time for us to remove from the gene pool any Muzzie who looks at us the wrong way. We have tried this with all the pansy rules of engagement , now it is time to fight it like a real war. Like we did in WW II. We did not worry about how many Japanese died because we wanted to win. We need to do that now.

Next time they want to do a poll they should just ask the Democrats. The Muzzies get their answers from that party any way.


Big Dog

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3 Responses to “The Muslims are Mostly Right”

  1. dogster says:

    9/11 was an inside job!

  2. Virginia says:

    You have told it like it is and how it should be done. Good job BD

  3. Dietrich says:

    I am more conservative than you are, uuhhhh “Big Dog,” and I know about 9/11. Left/Right is an illusion. Indeed, it isn’t “teh Democrats,” as while their leadership says the same stupid and outrageous things liberals oftentimes say, their *actions* keep the pro-Israel agenda moving forward.