The Media Bias

By now, everyone has heard of the forged documents Dan Rather at See BS used in an attempt to discredit George Bush this election year. We are now aware of a memo from ABC news political political director Mark Haleprin directing his staff, in effect, to be more critical of George Bush. He basically said that Kerry lies but Bush lies more and since we don’t want him to win we don’t have to provide an even playing field. Perhaps George Bush heard about the memo, which was released prior to the second debate. This would explain why he jumped to talk and did not allow ABC’s Charlie Gibson a chance to control the flow of the debate.
That is a discussion for another time. What is of substance here is that we have two of the three major networks trying to influence the outcome of a presidential election.
My friend Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush has linked to a web site named The Truth About Iraq. I visited this site and it has a great deal of interesting items. Under the tab entitled Media Bias the author provides the following information regarding journalists covering Iraq:

For instance, I was at a party one night, chatting with a producer from one of the major networks who I had just met. After about five minutes of normal, mundane conversation, it came out that I am a Republican. She said “You Nazi!” and proceeded to go off on me for about twenty minutes.

Of course, this doesn’t color her reporting.

Another woman at that same party, a freelancer for several major magazines, said “The entire goal of my reporting here is to make sure George W. Bush is not re-elected.”

This author does not identify the journalists or their employers but one thing is for certain. They are using their positions and their personal feelings to influence the news we are given. They are not being fair and balanced and they have an agenda that, up until recently, had been unstated in the Main Stream Media.

Pundits for the left love to tell us the media is in Bush’s corner and that they never go after him. They have continually harped on the right bias of the news. I know that most people never believed this because we can see with our own eyes how the MSM distorts the news to benefit the left.

Now we do not need to have the argument. I believe that the See BS fiasco, the ABC memo, and the statements by these two unnamed journalists leaves no question that the MSM is biased toward the left and will do anything to keep George Bush from winning re-election.

I encourage everyone to go to the Truth About Iraq and get then unbiased facts.

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