The Meaning of Hero

When John Kerry went to Vietnam he made a decision to serve his country. He did so and for that I and most other Americans are grateful. He made a decision to go at a time when he could have avoided service. While Mr. Kerry’s service in Vietnam is in question, (did he go to further his political ambitions) and the circumstances under which he received his medals continue to draw criticism, he nonetheless served our country in a time of war.

John Kerry also made another decision. When he returned from Vietnam he worked with a group of “veterans” to oppose the war and the way our country was handling it. His actions and statements are a matter of public record and there is no question that what he did caused agony for those who were still serving honorably. I raise this issue because John Kerry made a conscious decision to come back and assault those with whom he fought. He came home and gave aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. He used his service to pander to the people who wanted to end the Vietnam War and he did it at the expense of those who served as valiantly as did he.

Why do I mention this? Because John Kerry is running a political campaign based upon his service and he wants everyone to believe he was a hero, the only hero of that war. I want you to know what a real hero is. A hero is a person who, in the face of danger and overwhelming odds, steps up and does what is right. A hero is someone who faces adversity, stares it in the face and says “Not today.” There is a group of heroes today that embodies this spirit. They are the people at Salute Heroes. This is an organization that helps the brave men and women of our armed forces who have been injured fighting the war on terrorism. Two of these heroes are B J Jackson and J R Martinez. They have amazing stories of courage that inspire all with whom the story is shared. They work for Salute Heroes to help our men and women overcome adversity and face the challenges presented by their injuries.

I encourage everyone to visit their web site and do what you can to help these wonderful people. You see, they came back from war in much worse shape than Kerry. They too earned Purple Hearts and they too had decisions to make upon their return. It would have been easy for them to be bitter and protest the war that cost them so much. But they took a higher road. They faced their injuries head on and then through acts of selfless service, helped others who found themselves in similar positions. Ladies and gentlemen, these people represent who the men and women of our armed forces really are. They are not the murderous animals depicted by John Kerry upon his return. They are caring patriots who love freedom more than life itself and continue to fight for their injured comrades.

May God bless each and everyone of them and may God bless America.

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