The Me Mentality of America

Regular readers, and I know who the three of you are, know that I travel quite a bit for my job. I am always on an airplane going somewhere. I am fortunate enough that I get upgraded to First Class where I can enjoy a larger seat and some leg room. The trouble is, the jackasses who fly on planes think they are the only people who are in the aircraft on any particular day.

Each time I fly it is a struggle for mental health because I have to deal with these kinds of dunderheads. You know the types. You have the dip sticks who talk on a cell phone the entire time they are allowed to do so. They are walking down the isle with a phone shoved in their ear juggeling their bags and then stopping at their assigned seat to continue the conversation. They do not get out of the isle because they can not handle their baggage and the phone at the same time so the rest of the plane has to wait for these numb nuts to finish talking to aunt Marge about her cookie ingredients. I have news for you people. You are not that flipping important. You are not so important that you have to hold up entire plane to have a phone conversation. You are annoying. No one wants to listen to your conversation. And those of you who have those gadgets sticking out of your ears, those hands free things. you know, the things that make you look like a communications officer from the Enterprise. You should concentrate on traveling and not on walking around having loud conversations. You look like a psychotic person hearing voices and responding. They should make a rule. Any one who uses a cell phone in such a fashion has to fly with the luggage.

Speaking of luggage. How about the jerks who carry their whole set of American Tourister luggage on the plane? These are the asses who have a carry on and a computer bag, and a bag of something they bought for their mother. These are the ones who hog up the isle with all their luggage and then complain when they can not find a space for it. (They are usually on a cell phone). These are the ones who put ALL their luggage in the over head bins, despite the request for people with more than one item to place the smaller under the seat in front of them. The rules do not apply to them and they do not care about anyone else. The poor schmucks who only have a computer bag and don’t get on first have to sit with their knees in their chins because there is no overhaed space. And God help anyone when Mr. all the luggage in the world gets on and the bins are full. This ass will try to move things. Walk through the cabin looking for open space and then, in the ultimate act of me only, ask “Whose is this? Would you mind putting it under your seat so I can put my bag up top [and sit comfortably while you struggle to breathe]”. I always answer the same way. I tell the person “I would mind. I have two words for you, CHECK IT. You see sir (or madam) I check my luggage so I can put my samll computer bag in the overhead bin, not so some jackass like you can impose upon me.” I don’t make a lot of friends on airplanes. I have some advice for these jackasses. You are not so damned important that you can not check your luggage. You can check it and then everyone will have room. In the event you think you are too important to check your luggage then suffer when there is no room. When I do not sit in First Class I try to get an exit row seat. I watch to see who has all the luggage when they come on board. These people might miss the slide during an emergency egress.

This is the reason I have trouble with people in general. We have become a society where young men do not get up and offer a lady a seat. We have become a society where men do not hold the doors any more. We are in a society where the me mentality causes people to be selfish and not think about the others around them. As long as I get my space, screw you. This is what I hear when they board the plane. I believe that a mannered person ensures that he does not take more than that to which he is entitled. I believe that a gentleman acts like such and never forgets that you learned manners from your mother and how you act is a direct reflection on her.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, there are some pretty sorry mothers out there.
This rant brought to you courtesy of the nim rods traveling from Baltimore to Birmingham on Delta today.

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7 Responses to “The Me Mentality of America”

  1. Rhonda says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this entire “rant.” You see the me mentality everywhere today – not just on airplanes – and it is indeed a sad sign of the times.

  2. Adam says:

    What are you guys talking about? America is the “me” capital of the world. Why do you think the UN gets under our skin so much? Why do you think Rice can make statements about being American, not European? Why do you think capitalism in America is so damn better than socialism? Me, me, me, I tell you. Me!

  3. Big Dog says:

    America is the me capital of the world? As opposed to all the dictatorships that are only for themselves. Capitalism is a better form of government than socialism as has been proven time and again. Socialist governments do not usually survive.
    The UN gets under our skin because it is a corrupt organization that is full of me people. The delegates and people like Koffe are lining thier pockets on the blood of other people. You can not mention UN and anything good or decent in the same breath and keep your credibility.
    We, as a country, have done more for the world than the UN.
    Rice referred to us as Americans and not Europeans because we are not Europeans. If you do not know that then the college system is in worse shape than I thought.

  4. Adam says:

    Yeah, because the “me” dictatorships just have a bunch of people running around saying, “me, me, me”? No, the dictator is a “me” person, and nobody else. In America we are all “me” people, and it makes us arrogant bastards.

    Socialism is about helping the lesser amoung us. Captitalism is about making the most money, in a very survival of the fittest kind of way. What is there that is more “me” than that?

    If the United Nations has done no good it is because the Security Council has absolute veto. As it turns out, your greatest attack on the UN, the Oil For Food scandal was common knowlege for our government for many years. We didn’t do anything about that, because we were also on the list for kickbacks. In America we are so “me” centered that we talk about disolving the UN, even though there are 200 other nations pretty happy with it.

    Rice said the statement about being America not just because we are Americans, but as a show of utter disrespect for the wants or wishes of the rest of the world. We do what we want, and if you support that good, if not, then you’re France. America is the “me” capital of the world. Admit it!

  5. Big Dog says:

    Socialism is about wealth redistribution. This is about people in power deciding how the money I make gets ditributed to others. Eventually, more people decide to do less because they can live off the earnings of others. In the capitalist system people are free to decide who they give their money to and when. That is why this me country is the MOST GENEROUS of all other countries. We give more to others around the world. How many socialist countries do that and if they do, how many to that magnitude.
    Bush is not a dictator. He is a decent and honorable man. I would like to see facts about the US getting kickbacks. That seems to be a great strategy for some, to claim it was ok because we did it too. There is no evidence that I am aware of to show the US was involved. How many other countries are OK with the UN? Is this factual or a guess on your part. Are they OK with the UN because the UN gives to them? It is ovious that the US gives the most money to the UN. We were the ones that got them started and provided them a place. I would ask the young women raped and put in to prostitution by the UN thugs if they are happy with it.
    The Un has a bunch of criminals in it. I do however, find it interesting that you admonish me to admit something when you are unwilling or unable to see the facts as they are.
    One more thing. As I stated the US gives more than anyone. Keep in mind that we are in no way obligated to do this. We could say screw the rest of the world and keep to ourselves. Considering the way some of them treat us, we would be well within our rights. Yet we give??? Not bad for a me country.

  6. Adam says:

    I don’t advocate a purely socialistic society, but to many Republicans socialism is a naughty word, and capitalism is only a source of greed and corruption if the Democrats are involved.

    The United States gives more than any other country in pure value only, not when compared to GDP per capita. In that instance we rank pretty low, even compared to Socialist nations. Yes, even France pledged more than us per capita in aid to South Asia.

    I’m not speculating about the other countries and the United Nations. Why do you think so many nations (except for Poland) were against the war in Iraq? It’s not because they like tyranny. It’s because there was not a clearer UN mandate for it, only a Bush style mandate and we all know how much a that mandate is worth. The majority of nations that support the war only did so after the invasion when the UN passed a resolution lifting the sanctions.,2763,961950,00.html

    As for the Oil For Food Scandal, look for what CNN revealed just this month about the United States knowing.

    I’m not the one who is “unwilling or unable to see the facts as they are.”

  7. Big Dog says:

    Citing CNN as a source is like citing Dan Rather as an expert on Bush’s National Guard service.
    I said that Americans gave more. It is not difficult for countries to give more when you caompare to GDP. Look at what the people here gave. And, you only include money in GDP comparisons. When you factor in all the military manpower and the Aircraft carriers and other vessels/equipmant the US rapidly surpasses those other nations. It costs a lot of money to send an aircraft carrier but that piece of equipment provided an airfield, medical services, and water purification. All at great cost not figured in GDP. Before you down America, AGAIN, look at what the citizens give and look at the non-monetary donations.
    The other nations were all for war until we actually did it. They gave a great deal of support when they thought Bush would cave in like Clinton. As soon as we went in they changed their tunes. Great Britan was not against it and neither were 30 other nations.
    I will never support waiting for UN permission when it comes to our nation’s defense. If we do we will become like the other nations on this Earth. The ones who rely on us for protection.