The Mayor of Baltimore is Another Liberal Idiot

I live in the people’s republic of Maryland where democrats have ruled for so long the place got messed up worse than a soup sandwich. We have a republican governor, Robert Ehrlich. He and the Lt. Governor, Michael Steele, are making Maryland a better place to live after years of tax and spend and corruption. I still think they have work to do with regard to fees, which to me might as well be a tax, but all in all they are on the ball.
Now the Mayor of Baltimore is a different story all together. This guy is another good looking liberal who couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom. This guy has got to be the biggest cry baby in the world. He is forever crying about something the Governor did or didn’t do. Now of course, he has jumped on the anti-Bush bandwagon and spews the democratic talking points in everything he says. He recently spouted off about the expiration of the “assault weapons” ban and how terrible this will be. There will be more murders because these guns are on the street and George Bush is to blame. What this mental midget forgets is that in the last ten years that this weapons ban was in effect, his city had a great deal of gun related crimes and murders. If the weapons ban worked so well why did his city have so many problems. Well blunder boy, did you or any of your donk friends ever stop to consider that criminals do not obey the laws? That is why we call them criminals. Did you ever stop to think that when you and your feel good, tree hugging, ACLU backed liberal judges let criminals back on the streets they will commit more crimes? It does not take a genius to figure this out.
Can you and the other Kool aid drinkers explain why , in areas where law abiding citizens own and in some cases carry guns, crime is actually reduced? Have you people with all your years of social experimenting figured out yet that you need to be tough on criminals? While you are holding hands and singing Kumbaya families in Baltimore are being killed by the animals you let back out. I know it is easy for you. After all, you have an armed guard to escort you around. You are no more important than anyone else in the city but you get an armed guard. If you and your donk friends are so great at controlling crime can you tell me why you need protection? And please, don’t give me some BS about George Bush messing things up. I will state it for those who have never visited here. Democrats, until recently, have been in control of this state for more than 40 years and Bill Clinton was in charge for the eight before that. And I can tell you, the city still had a lot of gun related crimes and murders.
I hear tell that the boy blunder mayor wants to run for the governorship of this state. This man has not been able to pick a police superintendent for the city. The first one got caught spending slush money on frilly clothes for a woman who was not his wife and the second one was taken off the job for a while because he allegedly had an altercation with his girlfriend. This mayor can’t pick police leaders who don’t commit crimes, how in the name of God will this man pick people for important positions at the state level.
I realize this is a rant and it is local politics not national. I am a little disgusted with the comments this jackass made about George Bush, the last four years, and the weapons ban. He is out of touch and the city will never be right until we get him and people like him out of office and put people in who are actually competent.
Mayor O’Malley, you are doing a good job of messing up Baltimore. Do us a favor and don’t run for Governor. We are already having a hell of a time cleaning up after Parris Glendenning (another man who could not keep his trousers on with a woman who was not his wife) and his elitist Lt. Governor Kathleen KENNEDY Townsend.

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