The Maverick Should Ride into the Sunset

John McCain is a thorn in the side of the Republican party and yet he considers himself a candidate for the 2008 Presidential race. McCain was responsible for giving us unconstitutional campaign finance reform and he was one of the idiots who put together the gang of 14 in order to allow the Democrats to dictate the agenda and effectively block votes on nominees. McCain likes to talk the talk but when it is time to walk the walk he capitulates to the liberals. His views leave true conservatives scratching their heads.

Kevin McCullough at Town has a great item describing the real John McCain. The article is McCullough’s description of why McCain has shot himself in the foot. During a recent interview the issue if ILLEGAL immigration was addressed and McCain said:

“I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”

McCullough describes this as McCain signing his political death wish. He indicates that Republicans can not trust McCain and neither should the nation at large. McCullough makes a very good point and it is one worth hanging on to so that it is not forgotten by the time the primaries roll around. Time and again the RINO McCain has done things that are not good for the party and they are not good for the nation. A fence might not be the best idea but it is better than anything the idiots in Congress have come up with so far. The Congressional solution is to leave the border open allowing all the Mexicans in the world to sneak in and then reward them for their crimes with amnesty. A fens, once erected, is something Congress would have a hard time breaching for the sake of their new constituency from Mexico.

John McCain is a war hero and a patriot. There is no doubt that he has served this country and that should not be overlooked. He has however, become entrenched in his position and like many of the life long members he has become complacent. He has lost the will to fight for the right things and prefers the easy way out. His betrayal of conservative principles is the beginning of the end. Not only does this country not need John McCain as its president, we no longer need him as a Senator. It is time for the so called Maverick to ride off into the sunset.

America has too many doddering old fools sitting in positions of power wasting taxpayer money. We need to get rid of them all and we need to push for, no we need to demand term limits for members of Congress.

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One Response to “The Maverick Should Ride into the Sunset”

  1. virginia says:

    Again, so right. I had doubts for a while about McCain. Thank you for this good information.