The Lion Continues To Roar

The Arab countries that surround Israel all know one thing and that is, none of them can match the Israelis in military might. Even combined they are no match for the Lion. The Muslims surrounding Israel have long wanted to eradicate that country from the face of the Earth. Recently, these thoughts were taken to new heights when the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, stated that Israel should be wiped off the map. So what are the countries of Islam to do? They do what they always do and that is resort to terrorism.

As most people are aware, the Hamas government of Palestine kidnapped an Israeli soldier two weeks ago and they have been getting pounded ever since. The terrorist tactic was to go into Israel, kill two soldiers and kidnap the third. At the same time, they killed a young Jew whose only crime was walking down the street. Today the Hezbollah terrorist group from Lebanon went into Israel and attacked an Israeli patrol. They killed several Israeli soldiers and then they kidnapped two of them. The pattern is strikingly similar to the other terrorist attack.

Both groups of Islamic terrorists are demanding that prisoners held by Israel be released in exchange for the hostages. The claim by either government that these soldiers are prisoners of war is absolutely ridiculous. They were kidnapped and are being held hostage. The thing about Israel is they are not going to negotiate and they have no problems with destroying the countries involved. They have been beating the hell out of the Gaza for two weeks and early this morning (their time) they destroyed the offices of the Palestinian Foreign Ministry. They have been attacking Lebanon all day and they have wiped out bridges to prevent the kidnappers from fleeing the area. The Israelis are not playing games. They have been dismantling the infrastructure of Palestine and soon Lebanon will also be without water, electricity and other essential services. Israel will keep turning up the heat until they get their soldiers back.

Israel has stated all along that they are not attacking in order to take back the Gaza and they are not after land in Lebanon. They have made it very clear that they only want their soldiers back and for the other countries to stop shooting rockets into Israel. If The two terrorist regimes would give back the soldiers they will save themselves a great deal of pain and suffering. It is just a matter of time before both places will be reduced to rubble and they will be forced to give back the soldiers anyway. They might as well do it now and spare their people the misery. Israel is not going to stop until they get the soldiers and all the posturing in the world will not change that.

The twist of course is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he would help escalate the issue in the Gaza. It is common knowledge that Iran and Syria control the acts of Hezbollah. It is no secret that these two countries are behind what happened in Lebanon today. I think they are badly miscalculating the Israeli response. I also think that their countries might end up being hit before it is all over. I would not be surprised if Israeli jets bombed Iran and Syria in retaliation for them sponsoring the actions of Hezbollah and the rest of the Islamic terrorists in this conflict.

Some time ago when Israel gave the Gaza back to Palestine I indicated that the Palestinians could not be trusted and that there would be hostilities again before long. Well, it turns out I was right. I also said that if Israel were forced to defend itself again they should not stop until they had wiped out all of Palestine. As it looks right now they are content with getting their soldiers back. It will not be long however, before they are pressing on and running over Palestine. Lebanon has already been warned that they will be set back 20 years if they do not release the soldiers. Israel has the will and the way to make this happen.

I am not worried about Israel’s ability to fight these two countries. No one there can match them when it comes to military might. I am a bit worried about the UN. There will be some humanitarian problems before long because of these countries being without electricity and water. The UN will want to help out and since they are anti-Semitic, they will condemn Israel. That would be a good time for the Israelis to tell the UN to pound sand. It would also be a good time for us to tell them the same thing.

The Lion has roared and people are feeling its wrath. Before the bleeding hearts cry about the misery just remember, Palestine and Lebanon (backed by Syria and Iran) caused this problem and their continued refusal to return the soldiers is keeping it going. It is also important to remember that Palestine and Lebanon declared war on Israel. When another country, especially one that is regarded as an enemy, crosses your border and kills and kidnaps your soldiers, those countries have committed an act of war.

As of right now, the strikes continue in Gaza and Lebanon. I hope that these two countries hold out for a while so that a lot of their terrorist occupants will be delivered to Allah.

Making the world safer by eliminating one Islamic terrorist country at a time. Kill them all, let Allah sort them out.


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6 Responses to “The Lion Continues To Roar”

  1. Robert says:

    Big Dog, I just hope the Israeli soldiers don’t or haven’t met the same fate as our two soldiers did. I look forward to seeing how Israel handles this, perhaps our leadership can learn something.

  2. Bosun says:

    We are living is some dangerous times. Isreal is fighting for it’s right to exist. The war may esculate. For sure, Syria should be very concerned this night. Hezbollah owes it existance to Syria and Iran.

    I believe that this current situation is going to get much worst before it gets better. We know who are friends are and should support our friends.

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