The Line In The Sand Has Been Drawn

The gun debate in the state of Maryland is hot and heavy with the anti gun, oath breaking politicians running roughshod over law abiding citizens. The Constitutional rights of American citizens living in the People’s Republik of Maryland are being trampled on by tyrants led by overlord Governor O’Malley.

The gun debate in this country is hot and heavy as the anti gun, oath breaking tyrants in Congress (led by the Imperial President Obama) work to deny law abiding citizens their rights.

The United Nations is working to take guns from everyone all over the world and the tyrant leading this country is on board with the UN.

Anti gun politicians are also working on ways to restrict gun ownership in case all out bans and confiscation fail. They are trying to impose oppressive taxes on ammunition, require licenses and certificates to buy guns and ammo (respectively) and they have introduced legislation to require gun owners to purchase insurance or face a $10,000 fine. All of these are designed to make it difficult or impossible for law abiding people to get and to effectively use firearms.

The police do not carry guns to protect YOU. They carry them for their own protection. In Texas they are worried about prosecutors being murdered and want them to carry firearms and are considering allowing them to carry them in the courthouse where only the police currently carry. This is an admission that even in a building with lots of armed officers your safety cannot be guaranteed. It is also an admission that carrying a gun is the best way to protect yourself.

The people doing this are traitors to this nation, its people and its Constitution.

We had a Revolution when this nation was founded and that revolution was due, in part, to an attempt by the British to confiscate our firearms. There were plenty of other reasons we decided to declare our independence but gun confiscation was one of them.

Let us make no mistake, people who are disarmed by their government are slaves. Free people are not deprived the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. That concept was so natural to our Founders that they ensured the right (a right that preexisted the Constitution) was protected in the US Constitution. They worded the Amendment to include the words SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Everything the government is doing infringes on our right.

We live in a nation where women have the right to murder their unborn children, gays have a right to marry their same sex partners, and people have a right to have their health care provided by the government. None of these things is anywhere in the Constitution but the people who are trying to disarm us will fight tooth and nail to protect these alleged rights while fighting even harder to take away a right that is specifically named and protected by the Constitution.

The line in the sand has been drawn and it is well past time for free people to fight back. We need to put the politicians in their place. We need to remind them they work for us. They need to be removed from office and they need to stand trial for their crimes.

We are a nation of many and there are more gun owners in this nation than there are armed agents of the government. When one considers that many of those armed agents will refuse to disarm citizens our numbers are even bigger. We need to use our strength and our numbers to put crushing pressure on all of the anti gun politicians and we need to hold their feet to the fire. We need to crush them completely.

We can only pray that we can accomplish this by peaceful means but, to put it in the words of our government, all options are on the table.

We fought one Revolution against a tyrannical government and we can fight another. The time has come for us to tell them, no more. We will not comply. We will not bow down. We will not give up our rights because a few bad people did horrific things.

The reality is that those horrific acts pale in comparison to the horrific acts that governments have taken when they successfully disarmed their people. Governments have murdered millions of people after disarming them.

Only agents of the government can be trusted with guns, just ask the tyrants. How many innocent people are murdered by agents of the government. But, but, but, they are the only ones we can trust with firearms

The gun grabbers say this could never happen here. After all, government has not murdered millions of us.

No, because we are armed. Our Founders knew that we needed to be armed to keep our government in check. They knew if we did not have arms we would be slaves and we would be ruled by tyrants.

The people in office now know this as well and this is exactly why they want to disarm us. They want to rule us with the iron fists of tyranny.

And we must not let that happen.

By any means necessary we must defeat this gun grab agenda.

Or die trying.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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