The Liberals Want People to Think They Are Nice

The liberals out there want everyone to believe that they care about everyone. The democrats are the party that looks out for people and ensures they have what they need. Their compassion and caring spirit is no more evident than during a presidential campaign. Look at how nicely Traza Heinz Kerry talks to people. She passes out Asses of Evil buttons and tells people to shut up. She has stated that the people in Florida could go naked for a while, now that is compassion. There was a radio station DJ who told a “cute” joke. He said if you are supporting Kerry turn your car headlights on during the day and if you are supporting Bush turn them off at night. Now that is a joke and I can take one as well as the next, but where is the compassion in that? Can you imagine what would have happened if Rush Limbaugh or another conservative talk show host suggested that liberals do something that could harm them? Joke or not the liberals would demand to have that host’s butt in a sling.
The unfortunate truth is that the democratic party has changed immensely over the years. They have built a society that is dependent upon government. They use to believe that Americans needed a little help but should make it on their own. This is now what the republican party espouses while the democrats have resorted to being masters of their followers. Gennifer Flowers reported having an affair with Clinton. She was branded lying trash by the MSM. Turns out she was right. Kerry has called the Swift Boat Veterans liars because they are telling a different story than he. I find it odd that Kerry believes he is entitled to tell stories the way he sees them but others are not allowed to do the same.
Now for Ms. Kerry. This woman would be a disgrace to the White House. First of all, it is quite evident that she wears the pants in that family. This means she will be running the country through her emasculated husband. The first lady should be just that, a lady. Laura Bush is elegant and well spoken and I can’t imagine her uttering bad things about anyone else. She does not go out on the campaign trail and bash the opponent. She talks about what a great job her husband is doing as the president. This is what the first lady is suppose to do. I know the libs out there will argue about women’s rights blah, blah, blah. The president is elected to run the country as one person. This is not a team deal so we do not need the spouse of the president trying to make policy. We especially do not need a foul mouthed women who can only hope people refer to her as a lady sitting in the White House. She talks badly to people who do not agree with her, she uses language one would not expect from a lady, and she appears to give the word Bitch a new definition. Harsh yes, but true. This person is a wealthy spoiled bitch who does not know what normal, less affluent people do or how they live.
John Kerry has taken every opportunity to talk badly about president Bush. He has denigrated him and implied that he is a stupid draft dodger. Michael Moore and Mike Hersh (an unknown twinkie with a web site) do the same thing. They continually tell you how evil the republicans are but then they talk badly about the president and the republican party. Have you heard the president? He talks about differences between him and Kerry. He talks about Kerry’s record and he talks about why we need him to remain in office. He does not attack Kerry or his wife. So I ask, who exactly, is the nice group of people?
I myself am a little different. I treat people with respect until they show they do not deserve it. I have no problem saying what is on my mind or calling an idiot an idiot. Remember earlier when I relayed the joke from the DJ. I said I can take a joke as well as the next. Let’s see if the libs can do the same.
It seems that John Kerry and George Bush ended up at the same barber shop at the same time. They were both getting their hair cut and the barbers said not a word for fear a political discussion would erupt.
When the barber finished Kerry’s hair he got out he after shave and started to apply it when Kerry held up his hand and said, don’t put that on, my wife will think I’ve been to a whore house.
about this time the barber cutting Bush’s hair had finished and stood there holding the after shave, unsure of what to do. Bush told him, go ahead, my wife doesn’t know what a whore house smells like.
That is probably more true than not and is about how I feel about this so called “lady.” Let’s do our country a favor and keep these “nice” people out of the White House.

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