The Left’s War On Women Starts In The Womb

The Democrats have ginned up an alleged war on women being waged by Republicans and they have gone after people like Rush Limbaugh for comments he made to substantiate their claims. The liberals are also playing up the contrived disparity in pay as a Republican war on women though, interestingly, many Democrats pay their female staffers far less than their male staffers. Even Barack Obama pays his female workers less money than his male workers.

The war on women meme is in full bloom as Katie Couric, one of the left’s cheerleaders, gave a commencement address where she discussed how she had been cheated by sexists. I guess the millions of dollars they pay her for her lack of talent is not enough compensation, or should I say, Love?

The reality is that the left has been waging a war on women for a long time. Whether it is the aforementioned pay disparity among the staff of Democrat politicians or the push for affirmative action programs for women (programs that by design mean Democrats think women can’t make it on a level playing field) it is obvious that the war being waged is by the left.

The war is even more pronounced when one considers that Democrats are waging war on unborn females through sex selective abortion.

A pro-life group called Live Action has videos showing that Planned Parenthood allows and supports women who want to abort their babies because they are girls rather than boys. The videos show that the abortion mill in America is in favor of sex selective abortions. So now, not only is Planned Parenthood working to wipe out the black population, it is also working to wipe out the female population.

Abortion is a predominantly Democrat/liberal/progressive entity. Liberals will defend to their last breath the “right” of a woman to murder her unborn child and that means that the war on unborn females is being waged by the left.

Democrats cannot run on their records and Barack Obama cannot tout his effectiveness because he has made a mess of things. He has failed to reach the lofty goals he set for himself when he asked for the job he currently holds (he did not inherit anything, he asked for it) so he knows he cannot run on his record. Instead, he is hiding his record by distracting people with phony claims like a Republican war on women.

Obama and the rest of the liberals are the ones waging this war and while the Obama regime condemns Syria for murdering children it does the very same thing through abortion.

Particularly to female children.

We need to put an end to Planned Parenthood and we need to put an end to the Obama regime come November.

Let us make it the end of an error…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Left’s War On Women Starts In The Womb”

  1. Blake says:

    We have become, thru the left’s pro-abortion stance, China- let’s just keep the boys, right? The girls are worth nothing- lovely selective morality here.
    Try as they might, their stance is indefensible- they maintain that a fetus is not a human being, (so as to placate the consciences of the women thinking about abortion), but that is not true- from the moment the sperm and egg come together, the result can and will be a person- nothing else. Not a frog, nor a dog, not a cat, not a rat(my apologies to Dr. Seuss)- just a human being, and that makes abortion murder, nothing less.