The Left’s Plan To Silence Conservatism

Rush Limbaugh told the truth last week and there has been an uproar. He apologized for his words saying that he used the tactics of the left when addressing the lies of Sandra Fluke who was trotted out by liberals in an attempt to justify their violation of the First Amendment with regard to religious institutions.

Limbaugh was correct in what he said. A woman who asks others to pay for her sex has a name in this country. And Fluke lied to boot. She said it costs $3000 for three years for birth control. One can buy a thousand condoms for $110 and that would last nearly three years if one had sex every day. To use $3000 worth of condoms one would have to have sex nearly 28 times a day. There is a name for women who do that as well. Rush used both of those names and he was correct in his assessment. He probably should not have said it but he was not wrong. As an aside, I saw Sandra Fluke’s picture. She does not need birth control, she IS birth control.

By the way, birth control pills are already available from a government sponsored entitity called Planned Parenthood and they cost $15-$50 a month. A Target near the campus sells them for $9 a month. At that price $3000 would buy nearly 28 years worth of birth control.

So Fluke lied. of course she did. She is a feminist activist who enrolled at her school specifically to challenge its ban on providing birth control. Period.

Now Limbaugh has a few advertisers who have pulled ads from his program. He says it will not hurt the show as he turns down millions in advertising each year. But, a deeper look into the companies that pulled ads shows that they are run by left wing morons who support the liberal agenda and who donate to George Soros entities. They are in place and looking to derail conservative talk.

So it is time for us to step up and take action, or inaction. The seven companies who pulled their ads are Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Quicken Loans, Carbonite, and Pro Flowers. What say we stop doing business with them and let them pander to the 20% of the population that identifies as liberal?

These companies have every right to stop advertising but we have every right NOT to buy from them.

Support Rush Limbaugh and free speech and put an end to liberal manpulation.

Read the entire sordid details at the American Spectator.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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10 Responses to “The Left’s Plan To Silence Conservatism”

  1. victoria says:

    Remember when Ed Shultz called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” There wasn’t anything wrong with that. Ed Shultz apologized and Laura accepted it and everything went on. But they are going to milk what Rush said for all it’s worth and try to shut conservatives down again. Well, hopefully people are wiseing up to their tactics.

  2. tom barry says:

    I love Rush more and more and how could the left even keep a straight face at the blowfishes press conference

  3. Blake says:

    Most people miss the whole point- that this is another attack by the lefties on a Constitutional right- they believe if they can pull apart one right, they will have an easier time pulling apart the rest of them.
    Under attack: the first, the second, the fourth, the fifth, and the tenth- so far.

    • victoria says:

      It really wasn’t hard to see that they were trying to cover this one up in “women’s rights” and “$3000. for contraceptives” I mean really!!!! but what gets me is that at the first manufactured outrage our elected representatives run for cover and even Rush caved and apologized. It is time to get some representatives with some “cajones” as they put it.

  4. Adam says:

    There’s two problems with what you’re saying. First of all you question her figures and call her a liar as if any person can just run down to Happy Harry’s and pick up the pill. You know as well as anyone that it takes doctors visits and examinations. You know as well as anyone that the pill is used in many instances for non-sex based reasons. So why are you talking about the price of condoms and $9 pills at Target when you know that is irrelevant to what Fluke was testifying about?

    Second, Fluke never once mentions her own use of birth control or suggests she is having or even has ever had sex. So why are you and Limbaugh calling her a slut and a prostitute? Why is Limbaugh and folks I’ve heard on talk radio saying she is having so much sex she can’t afford it? There is no truth to what Limbaugh said. It was just a viscous personal attack that had no basis in fact or reason.

    • Big Dog says:

      Well, the flaws in your arguments are these. We are discussing a religious institution and she decided to go to it specifically to change this. Women in general, at other schools, can go to the school doctor or clinic and get an Rx and then go buy pills (and it is probably voered there which is where those who want them should go).

      The women at Georgetown can go to Planned Parenthood and see a doctor which would cost from $35-$250 and this would not need to occur more than once. So, as YOU know the cost is nowhere near what she claims. And, the PP doctor could code this so insurance would pay for the visit.

      While Fluke mentioned one case where someone had a medical issue nearly the entirety of her time discussed contraceptives (that deals with getting pregnant).

      And while you are right that BCP can be used to treat other conditions it is also true, and as you say, I would know, there are other medications that are NOT birth control that can be used to treat these. So, if a woman does not want to pay for her own BC she can use other medications.

      The truth is, and it eludes you, that the insurance provided does not preclude women from getting exams. It does not preclude an MD from writing an Rx for BCP. It just will not pay for them. So, these women can get an exam and take their Rx’s to the pharmacy and pay for them out of pocket. Once again, the math is right.

      Fluke is an activist who is interested in violating the First Amendment rights of religious schools and that is why the left trotted her out. They all want the same thing.

      I am surprised that a guy like you, who burns American Flags and who believes that right of free speech is sacrosanct, would advocate violating another’s First Amendment right. I am also amazed that you would think that Limbaugh is such a bad guy when I never heard you complain about Letterman (Called Palin Slutty), Ed Schultz (Called Laura Ingram a slut) or Bill Maher (called them all sluts, cunts and other things).

      You too belong to the hypocritical left.

      But you can get BCP for $9. If you have the insurance the doctor visit is covered (maybe a co-pay) and in no way costs anywhaere near 3 grand, period.

  5. Big Dog says:

    I also point out this from her testimony:

    “Women’s health clinic provide a vital medical service, but as the Guttmacher Institute has definitely documented, these clinics are unable to meet the crushing demand for these services. Clinics are closing, and women are being forced to go without the medical care they need.”

    How will this get better when the Catholic Church has said it will close over 600 facilities if it is forced to comply? How will she or other womenbe served if the Church cancels all health care for employees and students rather than comply.

    Personal responsibility. I know it is a foreign concept to liberals but this is part of that concept.

    • Adam says:

      You can deflect by bringing up Letterman, calling me a hypocrite, talking about 1st Amendment rights, etc., as if I’ve given my opinion on any of this. But here is what you’ve done:

      You’ve joined Limbaugh in attacking Fluke on the basis of her sexuality, a subject she did not bring up or make an issue in her testimony.

      You’ve called Fluke a liar as if $9 pills for some means no one ever has to pay $3,000 for birth control due to personal circumstances. Fluke did not say everyone pays $3,000.

      Again, I just wonder why? Why call her a slut or a whore or a liar simply because you disagree with her opinion of birth control?

      • Big Dog says:

        You opined on Flag burning many times in the past. So yes, you have mentioned it.

        I don’t recall calling her any of those words. You continue to bark about Limbaugh but he apologized. I mention Letterman, Schultz and Maher because you and the left gave them a pass.

        You focus on $9 when I list other costs up to about $50. She said that without health insurance coverage contraception can cost $3000. I cannot come up with any routine situation that would make it cost that much. You can claim she was not saying that all of it is always that much but her words convey the message that this is the norm.

        So tell me, how am I the bad guy for going after an activist who enrolled solely to fight this policy, who advocates for paid abortions and paid sex change operations.

        Then explain how going after her is any different than what you all did to Joe the plumber

  6. Schatzee says:

    I don’t care personally whether she sleeps around or not, if she’s a slut, a whore, or whatever. Limbaugh (and anyone else for that matter) has a right to their opinion and certainly a right to free speech. No one is given the absolute right to go through life without being offended. So Fluke and others (mostly libs) were offended by what he said. Get over it. To me, this is a women who whores herself out for her so-called causes. Slut!

    There I said it. There is a sure-fire way to conception that is absolutely free. Keep your legs closed, ladies. I know, it’s not very PC but let’s face it, if a girl gets pregnant she is the one with 9 months of worry and 18 (or more) years of care so if that is a concern, by all means, make sure no pry bar on campus can get those legs apart.

    As for BCP for medical conditions, as BD mentioned, there are other options and those would be covered. It is one thing if a insurer refuses to pay for BCP while covering something like, let’s say, Viagra. Then perhaps you would have an argument about providing for men and not women in the arena of sex. However, we’re not talking about that here and I think anyone who can’t see that this woman became a student to FORCE this situation and try to cram that agenda down our throats, once again tearing at the fabric of our basic foundations such as religion and family (as this administration has done time and again), needs glasses and perhaps serious medication.

    I am a woman – and I don’t feel there’s a war on women going on. I feel that conservative women get a lot of grief and no one cares and that’s a damn shame.

    Contraception and sex should be a private matter and the government needs to get their nose out of it. You want to have sex and avoid pregnancy, then be responsible enough to figure out a way to do it without mooching off someone else. Kids in school get enough already – this is just outlandish.