The Left Uses Jesus to Make a Point?

Not too long ago I posted about a man who, distraught over the election, committed suicide at ground zero in New York. I made the point that the election was not worth it and if Bush had lost, I would have been upset, but not so upset that I would have taken my life. I related that the man had to have had a history of mental illness. Turns out this was the case and the guy might have used the election as an excuse for his long planned demise. I got a comment to that site by Ann Nonamous (witty, don’t you think). This is what “Ann” had to say:

It is too bad that you have to pick on someone that gave their life for what they believe in. Kerry actually did not lose, the election was stolen again.
Perhaps you should think about your lack of ‘liberal’ qualities. After all, read the New Testament and you will see that Jesus Himself was a liberal.

Here we go with the stolen election. When will these donks realize that the people voted for the person they wanted as President? There is no credible evidence that the election was stolen. Frankly, I am getting tired of the crying.

“Ann” wants us to believe this guy gave his life for what he believed in. Ann, this guy TOOK his life. He did not give it for anything. It is strange that you guys on the left criticize our soldiers, the ones who ARE giving their lives for what they believe in, but raise people like this up to the level of a hero. This person commited an act of cowardice. He took his life in a selfish act without regard to how it would affect the people who loved him. Please Ann, don’t give this guy any more credit than he deserves (asuming that he deserves any at all).

Interestingly enough, this donk chooses to use Jesus as an example for liberalism. Read the New Testament I am told as if I need a donk to tell me how to learn religion. I will say that Jesus was greatly liberal in his care for people and his desire to make the World better. He died for our sins and that is a pretty selfless act. Jesus showed the kind of liberalism the democrats use to espouse. Now they are a group of people who want to give everything to everyone so that people become ever dependent on them. Since my donk reader invoked the name of Jesus, presumably in an attempt to say Jesus was liberal and would have wanted Kerry, let me make a few points.

Jesus is all powerful. If he wanted Kerry to win he could have made it so. I would like this donk to answer this:
Would Jesus be happy with the group of liberals who support abortion on demand and even allow the practice of partial birth abortion? I think that even liberal Jesus is against that one. Would Jesus want men to marry men and women to marry women? The Bible calls this an abomination so I think that liberal Jesus is against that one too. I think the libs would try to make the argument that Jesus was a peaceful person and would be against the war. Perhaps, but Jesus’ father believes in war. He inspired David to lead an Army against God’s enemies. The people we are fighting use the name of God (Allah) to commit terrible crimes. God is on our side in this one.

This donk ignores the fact that many things are better for a lot of people. Home ownership is up. The inflation rate is steady and the economic numbers are pretty good and without a lot of government intervention. Jesus did a lot for people but let us remember that God helps those who help themselves.

I think it is amazing that the group of people who lambast the red states for being religious zealots who elected Bush are the same ones trying to invoke the name of Jesus to make a point for their twisted version of liberalism. Listen up donk, try some soul searching and look at the brand of liberalism you believe in. Look at the horrible things you want to allow to happen. Then reread the Bible and tell me how it is Jesus would have supported your views.

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